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learning to swim? Lock Rss

hi everyone,
At what age did you take your son or daughter to learn to swim?
and, anyone know a good place in the Hills area of sydney?
thanks Colby
Hi Colby, My son is starting swimming lessons in Jan. I am in Melb and they let babies start lessons from 6 months so I am guessing Sydney will be the same. I cant wait to take him !!! I am not sure how old your bubbie is but if younger than 6 months I think "they" dont like bubs to put heads under due to water in the ears??? But after 6 months it is ok?? Am not 100% on that so other parents might be able to advise on that.....but good luck. Teaching kids to swim is fantastic.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

I started at 6 months with my first daughter but some places take them as young as 3 months.

Try to find accredited classes or your local pool.
Hi Colby,
I started my daughter when she was 8 months old in a water awareness class which ran for 5 weeks and it taught you who to hold your bubba in the water and played games with them to get them used to the water. Ella loved it she thought it was the best thing. After the class finished we spoke to the instructor about putting her into proper swimming lessons and she said honestly just to take her to the pool once a week and let her have a play as she wouldn't get much out of proper lessons at her age. We are going to put her into lessons next year when she is one. We still take her to the pool and she still loves it. This is just my opinion on what to do cause the proce of the lessons can add up.

Hope this helps Ellas mumma
It depends on what you regard as learning to swim. I started taking my daughter into the pool at 11 weeks, just bobbing around with her in the water. I think you can do this at any age and it gets them used to the water and the size of the pool. After all, it's a lot bigger than a bath!

Carole Qld 23/8/05

We started DD at 6 months and so pleased we did. She loves the water as well as DH who has great fun in the pool with her. Its amazing that after 10 lessons to see the skills she has. I would have not expected her to pick any-thing up. I think as long as your bub enjoys the water and you enjoy the time with them (have lots of fun) it is well worth the money.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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