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how big is your baby????? Rss

at 6 months my beautiful beautiful beautiful precious precious precious granddaughter was 9.2kg (20lb 5 oz) and 71.5cm in length. Now that she is 8 months old she weighs 10.5 kgs and is 73cm.

mum and nan, NSW

My daughter weighed 6kg a 6 months but she was born 4 pounds at 36weeks gestation.

my son was 8kg at 6 months he was born 8 pounds 8 ounces at 41 weeks gestation.


First things first, was she a big baby born? Was she long at birth? How tall are parents? All these things and others need to be taken into consideration. I don't think you have anything to worry about yet. By yet I mean that at the moment she is eating fine and at a very average eating pattern for her age, the only thing you have to watch is that as she gets older you only give her as much as she wants to eat, not what you think she should be having. Everyone has different appetites and kids are no different so if one day she wants to eat a horse but the next she only wnats a mouthfull then that's fine. Do not try to force feed her if she's had enough or lost interest (usually means she's had enoug) and once she gets up and about you'll see the difference. All 3 of my children where big babies born (1. week early girl 8p 7oz, 2. boy on time 9p 7oz, 3. boy ontime 9p 11oz all where healthy and 53cm's long) but by the time the first 2 where 2 yrs old they had lost all the excess and I'm sure that my 10mth old will be the same. Oh yeah, at six mths Braith (youngest) was weighing 10.5 kgs now at 10mths he's a healthy 13kgs. Don't worry they are all different.
well how do i get my child to put weight on then?
he is 2.5yrs old not even 10 kg and having trouble putting weight on. at birth his weight was 2.460 grms and born at 37 weeks and 5 days. so i dont know what im doing rong he isnt putting on weight so where do i go from here?
Xanthe is 4 months old and she is 7.01kg and 66.5cm. she was 4.04 kgs at birth and 53 cms. we had troubles with her weight for the first 2 months or so because i was breast feeding and she was not getting enough.. she hadnt reached birthweight by the time she was 6 weeks old(she ended up loosing weight in the 5th and 6th weeks ) we went to the hospital(it was over xmas new year) and had to get a referral to the paediatrician... by the time we actually saw him i had put her on the bottle and she had gained tons of weight.. however he said she still looked scrawny!!!any way to finish my ramblings she is very healthy now and the paediatrician is very pleased

laurel & xanthe 18-11-04

My 6 year old was a very chubby baby - rolls everywhere!!!!!!! She is now at school & the skinniest in her class!!!!! She is still a huge eater - 2 chops & veg girl. Nothing wrong with chubby babies.

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

It's interesting to read everyone's comments about this particular topic as my baby is quite big too. He is 3months and weighs 7.2kgs (he is only breast feed). Everywhere I go people comment on how big he is for his age. I don't mind anymore because babies look so cute when they're chubby!!

However, I am concerned about him staying a big boy throughout his childhood. I don't want him to have to struggle with weight throughout his life!!

Has anyone had big babies that have not grown up to be big/overweight children??

Nezzie, NSW, 3mth Baby

My DD isn't quite a child yet (but I still think she's my baby even though she's 15months old) but I hope my experience gives you some comfort.

My DD was born at 9.5 pound (4200grams) and she automatically adjusted her weight especially when she started getting more active (from 6months) and is now on the 50% percentile both weight and height.

If you are solely breastfeeding then you have no concerns. When you get to solids, then you start to double question yourself about how much food is too little or too much (I'm sure most parents have asked themselves this).

I found DD gained alot of weight when I stopped exclusively breastfeeding (11 months) and even more when I stopped all breastfeeds (14 months) because of the essential oils in formula or toddler milk. I know I can give her cows milk now but the formula gives me peace of mind that she's getting all her nutrients. (I like the goats milk)

I'm no nutrientionist (hell I don't even know if I spelt it right), but my best bet is if we feed our children with healthy nutrientional food (unrefined breads - wholemeal, brown rice blah blah blah) and not wasted calories (lollypops, chips more blah blah blah) 90% of the time, even if obesity is genetic, then I believe they wont become obese.


ps something I posted some months ago on this same forum (about 4 pages down) is while we are aware of the possibilities of childhood obesity we can make conscious efforts to ensure our children get proper balanced meals and lots of exercise. And you're giving your baby the best start any mother could possibly give by b/feeding him.

Sorry to take up half the page

Daniella, Sydney, 15 month old

My chubba bubba is nearly 10kg, he's 69cm long and only 5 months old. Will is in toddler nappies as well.

He still has 5 bottles a day(approx200mls each) and 2 fairly generous solid feeds.

He's in the 95th percentile for weight, height and head circumference.

Did you see on the news this morning that big babies have a higher IQ in later life, don't stress we've given birth to a couple of geniuses- lol!!

Joh, Will's mum

hi joh,
nice to know that mine is not the only bg bub. zac had his 4mnth weigh yesterday and was8.36kg and66cm in length......... The mchnurse told me he was "overweight" he has 5x200mls per day and i have just started rice cereal in the mornings......


my 4 month girl is 7.670kg and is 67cm long.she is nearly in size 0.her brother at 6 1/2 months was 9.420kg and 69 cm long.he looked like a little buddah.she just looks a little bit chubby.
My little fella is also not so little. Jake is 4mths and weighs about 8.5kg and is 69cm long. He has 4 to 5 200ml bottles per day and I haven't started him on solids yet.
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