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how big is your baby????? Rss

Hi Samantha,

CONGRATULATIONS on your baby. Bet you are njoying every minute. I too have an IVF baby after 7 yrs of trying. Bub no 2 arrived 13 mths later after the drs said we wouldn't fall preg naturally we did. I now have a 4.5 mth old also conceived naturally. Still have 2 embyos stored - wondering what we are going to do with them

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

My bayden was born 3.7kgs and 55.5 cms.
Now he is 2 months and 5.5 kgs at 58cms. He hasnt grown much in length but th nurses say hes just catching up. He was born at 37 weeks but had a 39 weeker sized head. It still is big and ive had to get rid of alot of cloths as I cant get them over.
I wanna know how bib peoples babies were, mainly boys at his age?
Could you tell me ?

mum to bayden 25/02/05

my 3 boys who are now 10, 9 and 8.

10 yr old at 2 months was 6.550kg; 62cm;
9 yr old at 2 months was 5.800kg; 65cm
8 yr old at 2 months was 5.7kg; 61.5cm
my baby grandaughter whos is now 9months old was at 2months was 5.480; 61cm

mum and nan, NSW

Hi there,

My little man was born 9lb 8oz and 52 cm long so he wasn't so little. He was born with a bigger than average head too - in my ultrasounds I was told it was bigger than average - that scared me so much before he was born, bit I guess a few cm doesn't make that much of a difference in the end huh?! Plus his head didn't look oversized - thank god!

He is now 10 and a 1/2 months and about 11.5kg and I am not sure how tall, haven't measured for a little while.

He didn't grow too much at the start either, sort of had to catch up with his heavy birth weight. But once he did catch up he overtook again and he's now only 3kg's lighter than my 3 year old DD... lol.

Bayden will catch up and before you know it he'll be walking, it's so sad. Enjoy him while he's little cos it just flies.

Cheers, Kahla.

DD 13/2/02
DS 15/6/04

Oh, and at 2 months he was 6.0kgs and 60 cms... Your little man isn't doing too badly at all!!

We had our 18 month chech at the health centre the other day.
weight: 12.45kgs (80%)
height: 78cms (10%)
head: 51.4 cms (over 100%)

He's always had a big head but for his head to be at 50% for its size he should be over 3 years old. Oh well hope its filled with brains.

member since 2004

hi everyone,

my little (well...not really little) baby was 10lbs 2oz or 4590 grams and 63 cms long born!! it has taken a while for her to fill out her size before she really startrd to grow in size. she was in catch up mode from being born so big! if took 3 months for her to grow 1 cm in legth.

it was pretty funny because before she was even able to roll she was in crawler nappies!

at just under 6 months..(her last baby clinic appointment) she was 17lbs 13oz or 8070grams. and 70cm long.

first time single mum

my son william is on the larger side of life. he was 8.8pounds born and he weighs in at 11kilos and he is only 5 months old. people think he is alot older because he is such a big baby. he is in size 0 to size 1 he out grew eveything so quickly but he is happy and healthy.


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