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when does dribbling stops? Lock Rss

hi i have a 10 month old baby who doesn't stop dribbling since he was three months old.
sometime i have to use two bibs on him 'cos he gets so wet . i'm forever changing his top clothes.
my older son was the same but not as bad as my little one.i know they usually do when they teething but this long?
any other parents with babies that dribble forever?

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I too have a dribbly baby! She was the same as yours in that I was always changing her clothes and she wouldn't go a day without her bib being changed several times.

I found that when I started her on solids the dribbling improved alot but it is certainly still there. I have heard that babies can continue dribbling right into their second year.


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I to have a baby that dribbles non stop and has also done so since he was about 3 months old.
He is now nearly 9 months old.
And same as you both I am always changing his top half and going through heaps of bibs. Im not sure when it stops. I associated it with teething to. I wonder if they will dribble for as long as they get teeth? I was looking through my (way to big) photo collection of my boy the other day and noticed that in 90% of his pictures he has a nice big wet patch on his front smile

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My son is now 18 months old and still dribbles (a lot of his tops have a lovely yellow stain from the constant attacks), I have noticed in the last few weeks he is slowing down a bit, though not stopping. He only has his second molars to come through, then has all his baby teeth, but I am hoping he will stop before they come through.
I suspect it is one of those things that varies from child to child.

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Hi Everyone, My son is 2 next month and has started dribbling again. The other day it was just pouring out of his mouth!! He is also chewing everything he can so no doubt he is cutting his 2 year old molars.
I wish I could give some hope for the near future but.............sorry.
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