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Storing Clothes Lock Rss

I wasn't quite sure where to post this question so apologies as it is not really a Growth & Development question...!

I was wondering what the best way is to store the clothes my baby has grown out of? I would like to be able to re-use them if I have another bub.

Any suggestions?

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home


I've just put mine a one of those suction bags. Apparently they keep all bugs out and stop any mould, so I think they are probably the best storage solution. I got mine from Target when they were on special. The best thing... they hold heaps and lay flat


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03


my mother in law she had baby clothes in a cardboard box but she made little lavender bags all through the box to keep the clothes nice and fresh

Mckenzies monkeys


I used the Huggies nappy boxes. We buy the nappies in the box, empty the box and store the old clothes in them. Then I put these boxes under the bed in the spare room. This way, they are not exposed to any dampness etc.


Mum to Samuel - 3 and Jordy - 22 months

I have been stacking clothes in used huggies boxes as she grows out of them. I don't know how well it will work, but have been popping in a moth ball then sealing well with masking tape.
As long as if you use moth balls or campher (sp??) you wash them and air them thoroughly before using again. My MCHC nurse told me the smell of moth balls is very dangerous for new bubs.

I've boxed mine with open bars of soap (aparently same effect as moth balls but with a nicer, harmless smell) and store them in the bottom of the cupboard in bub's room. Their little clothes don't hang down far enough for it to be a problem!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Thanks for the soap tip Dette. That sounds much nicer than those stinky old mothballs (which remind me of my Nan).

Between my sisters and friends I don't have a clue where most of my baby things are. I suppose they'll come back if I need them.


I use large freezer bags. Put a pile of clothes in, label them and roll out all the air and Zippy lock them up with some lavender (This is a natural pest control). Its probably not as good as the Space saver bags but I saw on telly a few weeks ago (maybe on better homes and Gardens) and Its doing the job.

Rebecca- Gordon Park, Qld

When i was pregnant, i was given heaps of clothes, ranging in size from 0000 to size 2. i washed them all and put them in those big vacuum bags. when he goes up a size, i take the new size clothes out and put the old size clothes in. i recently took some suits out of one of the bags, which they've been i for about 6 or 7 months now, and they smell just like the day i put them in. clean and fresh, despite being stored in my garage!!

'~ Jordan ~ Sept 04 ~'

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