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Swimming at 3 months Lock Rss

I was just wanting to see if there is anyone else out there that took their baby to swimming at 3 months or younger. My daughter in just over 3mths and I am looking at starting lessons with her, she absolutely loves the water, she has had all her immunisations and it is a heated pool.
I think I took mine after his 4months injections. As long as they've had immunisation apparently it's fine. Just make sure you wash her well after the pool - the chlorine can affect their sensitive skin. Have fun!! My DS loves it & is very confident in the water now at 9months!!

I wouldnt bother paying for lessons (which arent cheap) at this age, there's nothing they do that you cant on your own... go along and watch a "lesson".

At this very young age all it is about is making them feel comfortable in the water (ie not fearful) they do not learn to swim... but the swim schools will happily take your money smile

Your baby is still very susceptible to illness at this age, immunisation doesnt cover everything and at 3 months they've only had one round of needles so arent protected.
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My doctor recommended not taking bubs swimming coming into winter when they're still young as they can pick up so many bugs & it will just be hellish. Plenty of time for swimming when they're a bit older.
If u want to take ur dd to swimming lessons then go for it. Its the best way to get them used to the water. I took my ds swimming in the ocean when he was only 8 weeks old. Now 6 months he absolutely loves the water and will not get out of the bath at night. There are plenty of swim schools that have classes that start at 3 months old.
As pp said, just makesure u wash the chlorine off after every swim. But if u dont want to pay for the lessons just ho watch one like pp said. And u can teach her urself. I was going to put my ds in a swim school but i ended up doing it myself. I dunked him at 2 and half months and he didnt make a peep about it. I can dive him through the water and he laughs his head off. Just remember to blow into your babys face before dunking them so they hold their breath smile
and most importantly have fun together smile
i rekon taking your child swimming is a great idea..i took my son swimming as soon as he hit 3 months i enrolled him in the water familularity lessons that ran for 10 weeks in the hydro pool at the hospital andhe loves it he puts his head under and everything..

i highly would recommend it...
I'd probably be a little hesitant to start swim lessons in winter if my baby was 3 months. The water is heated but they still shiver a fair bit and their immune systems might still be immature. We were lucky that Lucy was born in August at the end of winter because it meant that by the time she was old enough it would be warm enough to introduce her to water. We started showering her at 3 months and gradually cooled the water leading into summer. She really loved the water stream on her head. At 4 months we took her to the beach and by Day 6 she was liking the sea. We're now taking her to swim lessons at Carlisle Lane Cove each week and she really enjoys them even though she's the youngest in the class. There's water games and songs and basic safety techniques they teach the babies like moving along the edge of the wall. She loved it after being dunked underwater. It's great to see the toddlers walking the floating board and diving in at the end into their dads' arms without fear! I think confidence in the water is so important especially as we're surrounded by it in Australia.... also we like to go to Fiji for snorkeling holidays.
i am actually a swimming teacher of infants... most schools wont take them until 5 months but there are a few that do younger. its mostly singing songs etc and having fun with some safety thrown in. its more to get them liking the water etc rather than really learning anything. there are plenty of websites that can help if you want to teach yourself. look up laurie lawrence andn you will get a whole lot of info...he is more into being able to throw you kid in the pool and have them get out...but he is the master with infant swimming. hope this helps.
completely agree with tubtub. I am also a swim teacher of young children and didn't put my children into swimming lessons that I had to pay for until they were about 2 1/2 years old. Before this many programs are focussing on water familiarisation and safety for the parents. I am not saying don't take your child swimming but it can be quite costly for lessons that you can do yourself. I didn't take my children to a public swimming pool until they were at least 6 months old but always had deep baths for them and a little paddle pool they could roll around in and feel the movement of the water around them before this age.
I put my son into swimming lessons at 4.5mnths of age. (the min at our swim centre is 4months, being calender months and not weeks). Even though we were still putting him in our pool etc on a regular basis I still like the idea that there are other distractions in the swim centre (kids / yelling/ splashing/singing around) to deal with. It is more familiarisation with the pool etc and my reasoning behind putting hin in now and not when he is older is that he 'wont have to get used to all the distractions / pool / new things) when it is actually time to learn the more in depth skills....).

On bath time I still pour water on his head and make a big splash etc. The songs make it fun. He gets dunked on average between 5- 10 times per half hour lessons. He has only been sick once (he is nearly 8months) and that was in the swimming easter break - so not from the heated swimming pool.

It is worth every cent and he LOVES it. No tears (so far).
I took my DS at 12 wks in august and he was fine with it, i only took him as they had a special on for winter of $4 a lesson for 12 wks but when that term ended i didn't go back as he liked the water and i was then confident to take him pool in the backyard and other places. In the end i would say it was more for my confidence then his, it was still fun though.
I was told by a Maternal Health nurse that you should start your baby swimming in a public swimming pool after 6 months old(due to the amount of bacteria in puplic pools). Apparently their inner ear has fully formed by this stage and will not be as prone to get ear infections. She also told me that if the babies get an ear infection before this time they will be prone to the infections for most of their child hood. I don't know how true this is though as I have not heard this from any other source
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