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She's not crawling! Lock Rss


my daughter is now 6 months old, from day dot she never liked being on her tummy, she hasn't learned to roll yet or crawl.

Is she a slow learner? is there any techniques that i should know to teach her to crawl?

i'm a bit worried that she wont learn to do these things.
Dont worry about it, my son didnt crawl til he was 10.5 mnths old. He is a very bright child so definitely not a slow learner, its just that they all do it in their own time and all babies are different. Kaden hated being on his tummy BIG time, so I never pushed it, then one day, he just went, and hasnt stopped!!!

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Certainly don't be worried - babies who crawl at 6 months are very advanced so you bubs is by no means a slow learner. Stacks of babies twice your DD's age aren't even crawling yet. Some babies skip crawling all together, deciding to go straight for crusing the furniture and walking.

Tummy time is really important, even if they hate it. Do what ever you can to distract her while she is on her tummy. She will gradually get more use to it and then start to enjoy it. Really, until bubs is starting to get up on her knees and rock - there isn't much you can do to 'teach her to crawl'.

Encouraging her to lift her head on her tummy and reach out for toys or other things of interesting will be the best you can do to develop all those little muscles. I also think its normal to worry about your bubs development. In no time, your DD will be chasing you around the house !!!

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My daughter didnt roll until 6months and 2 days, shes 9 months now and still not crawling but shes doing everything the health nurse wants her to by her age! My son didnt crawl until almost 11 months, he only started rolling one way at 7 months and the other way around 9 months!!!

They're all very different and if your bub WAS crawling at 6 months well thats fairly early even!


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My just turned 8 month old daughter has started crawling today, 6 months I think is too young to crawl, your worrying about nothing.
My Ist son didn't crawl till 9/10 months, my 2nd 8 mt just started to commando crawl in last week.

Toys r us us to sell cyclinders that you put the baby on and they push...i used to use a small inflatable ball to get the idea of a different sensation under legs or body up.

But they do it when they are ready...some bypass it all together...usually they need to sit first before crawling, uses same muscles in the back. Look out for what they get into once they start!

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