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teaching your baby to get down the stairs Lock Rss

we have a 2 storey house & hubby taught our 2 older boys to slide down on their tummies backwards., from about 10 months first he put them in position then gently pulled their feet. soon they were sliding down like experts. but it did not work with the youngest he sits down facing forwards & holds our hand while bouncing down one at a time i worry he will fall or collect me on the way down as he goes so fast ! how have othres taught the kids to manage the steps ?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i also live in a 2 storey house and so have experienced what you are going through!
I started teaching my daughter as early as i could so she started at about 7months, and became a pro at it by about 9months.

I taught her to turn around and go back backwards, and put one leg down and then one hand etc. For quite awhile (and still occassionaly now) she turns around and sits leaning forward which gives me a huge heart attack!! The only real way i taught her was by practising at the top teaching her to turn around backwards before going down, and just repeating it for awhile and also showing her how to do it. after that i just kept tapping her foot and hands so she knew which one to do and then after abit she was really good at it! It did require abit of patience on my part!!

When they turn around and sit forward just maybe straight away try to turn them back around so they learn that is not the safest way to go!!!

Best of Luck!!
Hi ladies,
When we moved to a 2 storey house we tought our children and neices and nephews to go down on their bottoms one step at a time and slowly lol. I think it is great you are teaching them right from the start. I know of some parents that absolutlely flip out when they see their children on the stairs and run to grab them off, I think prevention is defently a better solution.
Good on you!!!

4 wonderful children

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