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what size is your 7 month old in? Rss

my son is in 00 but isnt far off being in 0!!! HE IS 7 MONTHS THIS WEEK!

My 6.5mth old is in 0, some 00 depending on the brand, but quickly growing out of them

Our little girl isn't quite 7 months, about a week off it, but is in 00 and is near fitting 0 smile hope this helps smile

my nearly 1 yr old at 7mths was in 000 shes still in alot of 000 just starting to head into some 00 now she's 2 weeks 2 days off 1.. shes 8kg and very light and petite.

hi ladies,
my 7 month old has been in size 0 since 6 months, she is not overly big just a cute chubby!! my niece who is 15months is in size 0!! she is very petite, its amazing how different they all are.
thanx ladies i know all babies are diffrent my niece is in 0 and se is 11 months but only little 10 kgs and my 7 month old son is 9 kgs lol but e was born 4.4 kgs so yea he was a big boy!

my boy is 7 months in 2 days and in size 0, somethings look a bt big but most 00s are too tight....

My daughter is 2 days off 9 months and still in 00. She's only 7kgs. My son was in 0 at 4 months, he was a chubber! All babies are different.
Steph Josh Zach, what a tinny bubba, how cute. ive never heard of a 1 yr old in 000. my DD started in them the little piggy.
DS was in 0's at 5 months. he's in 0 or 00 bottoms (depends on the brand) and 1 tops because he is long the 0's are a little short.

DD is 6.5 months. She started wearing 0 around a month ago. She is quite big just like her Dad.
My little guy, not so little, is in 00 and he is 16 weeks tomorrow. He has been in 00 for around a month now as the 000 were too short for him. The little bonds suits in 000 fit him for around 3 weeks then they were no good so I have a heap of clothes that he has never even worn. Was 4.77 kilos born so big boy. He looks like a 6 months old. Oh well at least I get my weights work out going up and down the stairs lol! He is already in some 0's (second hand stuff) and would assume he will be in 0's by the time he is 6 months.
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