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My 7 and a half month old hates being on her tummy. I try to put her on her tummy a couple of times a day but she either screams straight away or within a few minutes.

I've tried putting toys around her or giving her one to play with but it doesn't help. Sometimes first thing in the morning she'll lay on her tummy and watch tv for a few minutes. Tv probably isn't the best idea but it works for her, at that time anyway.

When she's on her back on the floor she will occassionally roll from back to front but then realises she's on her tummy and gets upset.

I wasn't too worried about it because apart from rolling around she's doing everything else she should be doing including sitting by herself. That was until my Maternal Health Nurse told me she'd be a late crawler because of it and therefore a late walker.

Does anyone else have a baby that hates tummy time or can anyone give me any advise or suggestions?


Hi Bri
My son michael is 9months old and is the same dosent like being on his tummy either he is a big boy 12kgs
already i think that plays a big part but my sister said not to worry to much every baby is diffrent . I wouldnt
worry to much about it.


Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Hi Bri,

Is it that it's still hard work for her on her tummy so she doesn't like it, or that she prefers to do other things on her back instead? If she needs to gain a little bit of strength, things that helped me get my daughter onto her tummy are putting a rolled up towel underneath her chest with her arms in front of her so that she's more propped up, lying on your back and putting her on your tummy so that she can talk to you & getting some interesting tummy time toys (I got a 'crawl & slide arcade' from fisher-price). But I’m sure that’s not new info for you…

If it's just that she's happier being on her back then try to put her on her tummy when you can but don’t worry about it too much. Like Mary said, every baby is different and wants to do different things, it doesn't mean they're behind developmentally. Who cares if she’s a late crawler if she’s fine in every other area? She’ll get there when she wants to and it’d certainly keep things that bit easier for you for a while longer!

my boy hated tummy time but he strengthened his muscles other ways, esp when i cuddled him on my chest lying down.. He was NOT a late crawler, some said he was early, he is 10 mths now and is a very fast crawler, and has been crawling since about 8mths. dont let anyone scare you into thinking you arent doing something right.
Hi Bri,

I would not worry about it as my boy Jordan hates tummy time too. I have posted one on crawling as I was worried about him not crawling yet and he is now 8 months but alot of other Mums say don't worry about it too much.

It certainly doesn't mean that she will be a late crawler or walker just kids do things at different times. I didn't crawl as a kid as I hated (like my son) but belted around in a walker! I ended up walking at 10 months! Here I am worried my son not crawling smile

If she is sitting up and when you carry her she is holding neck and back really good she is fine as she is strengthing her muscle she needs to crawl and work.

Don't worry and she will crawling before you know it!

Good Luck!
Hi all,

Thanks for your responses, they are very helpful.

Olivia just doesn't seemed to like laying on the floor. She prefer's to sit (now that she can) or be up on her legs. This was very tiring until we got a playplace (like a stationary walker) and she loves it. I try to switch her around between floor play, sitting and her playplace.

When she is on her tummy she will lift up on her elbows for a bit but never pushes up with her arms. She also flails about alot balancing on her tummy like she's swimming sort of.

MaryB - Does Michael roll much? Olivia is a bigger baby too she's about 8.5kg but she has a big head (giggles), I was thinking that might make her neck and arms tired after a while but not sure.

Sorry to reply to this before MaryB but I think that is why Jordan isn't crawling and liking tummy time. He is about the same weight and also has a big head and I reckon it's too fat to lift up for a long time smile Hehehehe Poor little bugger
Hi Jordan's Mum,

I've just been reading your posts on crawling and got a bit lost there. Does Jordan roll around or try to move?

Olivia doesn't do anything on her tummy except swing her arms and legs about and get cranky.

On her back she will sort of rock about a bit and can end up in the other direction but not trying to move anywhere.

She loves to sit up so I've been encouraging her to do that but also putting toys just out of reach to encourage her to try to get to them.

She loves being on her feet and always has. While I hold her hands she will bounce up and down on her legs. We put her in her playplace (for short times) and she bounces it up and down like crazy, her legs are very strong. I've tried standing her next to the couch so she can hold on but she hasn't go the hang of that yet.

It's hard not to worry about their development. In my Mum's Group she is the only baby who doesn't try to roll around or move but then again she is the only one with a big, fat head too. Ha Ha Ha (o:

Hi Bri,

Yes Jordan rolls around heaps and tries to move but just hates being on his tummy for awhile. He will roll front to back and vice versa. When he tries to move on his tummy that is when he start to whinge and gets frustrated.

I put toys out of reach too for Jordan when he is sitting up too but he is very flexible and uses his feet quite good like a monkey smile (we call him monkey bum) .

At storybook time there are heaps of kids that look younger than Jordan who are crawling around heaps about the place and my little man just sits there or stands. He has a couple of times stood for a couple of seconds on his own! Yayyy!

Us Mum's of bubs with fat heads have to stick together! smile

I know that they all do things in their own time but it's weird seeing younger babies crawling around while Olivia is just sitting there. But I must say she does sit up much better than the other bub's in our group do. She must just be good at balancing her fat head when upright. (o;

Good luck with Jordan, hope he's crawling or walking soon too.

Hi Bri
Michael dosent roll much either my nurse said it is harder for bigger babies because they have more weight
to pull up as michael gets stonger he will get there poor things so that is why i wouldnt worry michael also loves sitting up to and standing i think it is easier for him
michael also sits up much better than other babies his age to maybe they will walk rather than crawl wait and see keep me posted on olivia GoodLuck


Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Hi Bri

My daughter Abby is 6 months old and has only rolled over once and isn't very interested in tummy time. She is also a bigger baby - 8.5kg and 66cms, so maybe size does have something to do with it. She loves the Jolly Jumper and sitting up, but just won't do anything on her tummy. I've learnt not to stress about it, i can't force her to move so i just try alittle more time on her tummy everyday. Isn't it fun being a parent? The worrying never ends!!

Regards, Alison

Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

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