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9 week olds weight Lock Rss

Hello just wondering how much your 9 week old weighs or did weigh at 9 weeks. Mine is 5.265kg was 3.740 when born. Height was 50cm now 58cm and head was 36cm now 41cm.

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

Hi tara1,
If i remember correctly, Jett weighed in at 5.4kg at 6weeks, 58cm and his head was 39cm..
when he was born, he weighed 3.2kgs, was 52cms and his head was 34cm.
So by the time he was 9weeks he was prob not much bigger than that... maybe around 6kgs.
Jetts a little piggy, so that would explain why he's a bit bigger, plus boys are meant to be a little larger than girls
sorry if that didnt help much..


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