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Results of xray tomorrow Rss

My DD2 has been wearing a pavlik harness from 8 weeks of age, she is now 6 months old. Tomorrow I take her to see the specialist to get the results of her xray that she had yesterday. I am so nervous. We are really hoping she will get the harness off for good tomorrow, but I'm scared of getting my hopes up too high. Everywhere I go in the shops I see these cute little pants everywhere (she can't wear pants in the harness) and I want to buy some, but don't want to jinx her!

Mind you, she has been such a trooper throughout the whole process. Never cries, just gets on with everything, didn't even cry or wriggle during xray yesterday. Just hoping with all hope it comes off so we can give her a much needed bath instead of more bloody sponge baths!!

Sorry this is long, just had to get it all out. Don't expect replies as there isn't much you can say. Nothing I can do now but wait .... fingers crossed.
Hope you get the results you're after, I've got my fingers crossed for you! Let us know how it turns out.
Just got back. Fabulous news, the harness is off and staying off! Can't stop cuddling bubs and really looking forward to the bath tonight. She has been kicking up a storm and already moving around the floor a lot more!
That is brilliant news for you all hun. So glad all has gone well. grin
Thats great news.....My DS just got out of his harness yesterday,he was in it for 6 weeks,but like your DD my DS has to have an xray at 6 months aswell.
Now you can buy pretty clothes for your DD.

Thats great news !!!!!
I hope your out shopping up a storm on all those cute pants she is now able to wear. laugh
That's fantastic!!! I'm so happy for you and your daughter! grin
how exciting
Oh wow that's so exciting! I was so ridiculously excited about giving my DD her first bath when she came out of her pavlik smile

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