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I am wondering if my baby is a boy or a girl...what would you say it is? For some reason, I can't upload a picture on here, so I added it to my profile picture. Thanks wink
Hi there, when was this scan? Was it your 12 week scan? It looks like a boy to me, but at this stage if it is your 12 week scan it is very hard to tell boy or girl apart. Both look pretty much the same at that stage smile
Kinda looks like a boy... But how many weeks is this scan from? I wouldn't read anything into it before your 19 week scan.
This is my 20 week scan smile
How exciting smile Couldn't your ultrasound technician tell you the sex of your baby?
Yeah she could, but I wanted a pic because my husband didn't want to know the sex, but I do and I thought that I could figure it out on my own, but I was wrong lol
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