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Is my baby gaining too much weight? Lock Rss

My baby was 3.185 kgs at birth and is now 6.83 kgs as 10 weeks of age.
I am worried that he is gaining weight too quickly and this could cause heath problems or increase the risk of SIDS. He also doesn't sleep very well and grunts alot as if he is constipated.
He was breastfed for the first 4 weeks and now I pump and he is fed breast milk through a bottle as we had a lot of trouble feeding.

I wouldn't worry too much if he is only having breast milk. Babies do most of their growing in the first 6 months and some just grow more rapidly than others. My DS was an extremely chubby baby and was roughly the same weight as yours at about 10 weeks old.
Sounds like you have a very healthy little bubba, enjoy!
My little guy was similar, he put on an amazing amount of weight in the first 8months of life, but now he has slowed down! You will probably have another check up soon at the health nurse, so talk to them if you are still worried smile good luck!
My DS1 was 3.6kg at birth and was fine for a couple of months and then just packed it on. He just plateaued at around 10 months and gradually lost it as he grew. By the time he was three people (complete strangers) would comment that he needs to eat some more! Not in a harsh way, but you know how people tell little kids they need to eat some more if they want to grow up big and strong? He was dead bang on average for his height and age! No doctor ever had any concerns over his weight. DS2 was almost the same, just a little less chubby than DS1, but not much!

So don't worry, they are all different and as long as he is fed a reasonably healthy diet once on solids, I'm sure things will balance out. It's also a good thing if bulbs ever gets sick as some babies can lose weight at alarming rates if they get sick and your little one just has that buffer!

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