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Is my baby too fat? Lock Rss

Ive had a few people tell me that babies can eat as much as they want and be as big as they want and still be healthy and others say my little man is getting too big too fast and to cut his bottles back.

He is 8.5kg at 14 weeks. Was 3.76kg born.

Going in for a check up tomorrow but just wanted to get other mothers opinions on this. He is exclusively breastfed, drinks from 150ml - 200ml of formula, 8 - 10 times a day.
My boy is 12 weeks old and last time he was weighed (2weeks ago) he was 7 kgs and in the last two weeks he would have put another half a kilo at least as he always does every couple of weeks. So he is nearly 8 kg and only 12 weeks. I call him my chubba bubba. He was 8pound 9 when born so he wasnt small. Every baby is different. My nurses tell me he is perfectly healthy, they actually say he is thriving, he is not too fat, he is above average in weight gain but that is normal for some babies. I'd rather them put on weight than not. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless he is getting absolutely huge. But just make sure your not over feeding him as that can lead to other health problems. My boy is formula fed and has 5 bottles of 150 mls every day. 2 over night. Sometimes he doesn't drink the whole bottle though. He just eats what he likes, but I am careful not to overfeed him.

My DD is 14 months old and weights only 8.5 kg. i have consulted to the doctor and every thing is fine the dr says,,,,,,,,,, she eats 5 times a day an egg daily oats, cornflakes, porridge, total 24 oz milk daily, dry fruits cashew and almond grind, cerelacs but her process of growing seems slow i m little worried,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, can any one suggest.
Hi Adhikarybha1, can I suggest trying The Gold label formula for your daughter, the gold formulas are for babies who are trying to put on weight, maybe that's why my boy is a chubba lol he has NAN pro gold, has since birth, and he is putting on weight like there's no tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the gold formulas have extra iron and other ingredients, hence a bigger weight gain. If your daughter is 14 months I would suggest trying NAN gold toddler formula. I would recommend NAN gold formulas to everyone, it has always been my number 1 choice, and both my sons thrived in weight gain on it.

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