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Hi everyone

How often do you give the baby tummy time????

my chiro says to do it often but cohen doesn't like it much. i tend to do it every feed, but only for 5 or so mins when he is first awake or he gets grumpy. he is 6mths old this weekend and doesn't even roll yet - wonder if this is because he doesn't have much tummy time?

kristy, SA, Cohen 28/11/05

hi Jenelle, Seth is 4 months now and he has tummy time for about an hour all up per day. He use to get really frustrated if i left him on his tummy to long but now that he has got use to it he loves it. I will lay him on his back and he rolls himself over. I left the room for 2 minutes the other day and when i came back he was a metre from were i left him. I think he just wiggles his way away.

Kristie, QLD, 12 month bubba Seth

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