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Tantrums Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

My 1 year old has the biggest tantrums... he would arch his back, kick and scream/cry. It happens if we take something out of his grasp. He is so determined and active now that he will spend time, energy and use various tactics to get to it... and if we take it from him, he has one of those tantrums. I can tell it is a tantrum because in the middle of it, a favourite ad might come on TV, he will get up, turn and watch it... and after it ends, he will go back to crying/screaming.

He will also have a tantrum when we change him because he would much rather be jumping in his cot or walking around. He has always been an active boy and also very determined. I am wondering if anyone else is in the same position and if you have any ideas of how to manage/deal with it in a way that lets bub know that a tantrum will not get what he wants.

At the moment, we just let him cry/scream it out or distract him with something else... and also tell him why he is not allowed to have something or why he needs to be doing what mummy/daddy wants him to do. I'm worried whether this behaviour is the beginning of MANY years of it... whether we are dealing with it the right way - as we want to be consistent. It can be frustrating as he is otherwise a delightful boy with a big personality.

Thanks for listening.
Bye for now.

Hi Hannie,
Poor you! It ousnds like you are dealing just the right way with it. I have a great set of leaflets I got from plunket members and guess what........yes! one of them is about Tantrums! It is produced by SKIP (strategies wuth kids/information for parents) and there are loads of them covering allsorts.
If you want to email or call them I'm sure they can either send them to you or tell you where you can get them- 04 916 3300 email- [email protected]
If you like I can scan it to you, don't know how good that copy will be tho! Maybe your plunket nurse has some too. I don't think the leaflet can make the tantrums stop unfortunately!
Hope this helps, hang in there.....

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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