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What is your 9 month old doing? Lock Rss

hi there thought it would be good to see what others are up to.
It's very exciting when your little one does something new and I thought we could share our stories.
My little man Beau is 9 months, 10.5kg, 77 cms
he is quite big for his age, he was born 10lb 11 so he had a head start.
He has just started to master crawling,he only goes a few paces then stops, but it's a start.
He can say mum,dad,nan and he has started grunting when he says dad dad it's hilarious.Loves playing with his toys and bopping to music.He has a 3 yr old sister that he just adoors and loves to play with her.
Well that's about it for now hope to from you all about your 9 month old bubs.


Nat NSW mum of 3,

Hi my daughter is nine months tomorrow and so far she can't crawl, I'm starting to think she may never. She can roll and move backwards like a snake and can pull herself up if I hold my hands out but crawling seems to be too much effort.

Elise has been saying bub,dad,and mum since she was 4 months old and now she rasberries everytime she see's a dog or cat and mimicks new words. Elise loves to bop to music and clap hands.

So far that's about it. Sounds like they are very similar with some things

Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

Aidyn is 9 months, 8.5 kgs (but feels like 10) 76cms, has 2 teeth and lots of hair.
Likes to commando crawl every where, can sit for ages and play with a toy or fall to crawl position. or likes to chase his brother up the hall way in his walker, getting very adventurous and reaching for things. Says da da, ba ba , woov or tells lots of stories with babbling.
Likes to stand if we hold him for a few seconds.
Likes to pull anyones hair, glasses, necklaces...thinks this is a great game.
Sleeps well during the day, has his moments at night.
Loves to have a chat or play with 3yr brother too, though big brother always has to hold him or ride him! Getting ticklish under arms and on belly.

I like this age (all bar the teething) as they are still cute, but have there own personalities.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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