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Hi, this is my first ever posting in a chat environment but just discovered the site and think its a great idea. Could someone just clarify for me whether "5 months old" means 20 weeks or the same day as their birth 5 months on? Looking forward to chatting lots more over the coming months.

Emma's DOB 10/5/03

Hi Emma's Mum, How 5 months is calculated is 5 months for the date your child was born. So if your child was born on the 01.01.02 then on the 01.02.02 they will be 1 month old, on the 01.03.02 2 months old, 01.04.03 3 months old and so on. This way they are in alignment for when they are 1 which as you know is 12 calendars months from the day they were born in this case on the 01.02.03 I hope this makes sense.
Thanks so much Janene. It seems so obvious the way you put it!

Thanks again,


Emma's DOB 10/5/03

Hi Emma's Mum

Thank you for addressing that question,
as I've been wandering about age in months
since my 3mth old son was born.
Now I know.

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