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Lunar or Calendar months??? Lock Rss

Hello Everyone,

Just wandering if most people go by Lunar (4 weeks to a month) or Calendar (29 - 31 days to a month) when they are talking about ages.

I am going by weeks (my daughter is 19 weeks) but my husband is going by Calendar months saying that she isn't 1..2..3etc months until it comes back to the 23rd of whatever month we are in. (day she was born)

Just wandering if anyone could shed some light for me on this subject.


Katrina, NSW, 21 month old girl

When DS was younger I went by weeks (until around 20 weeks) and then we switched to calendar months.

As he got older it was far easier to work it out by the date rather than by the week!

A lot of people do it differently, a friend's baby is 2 days younger than DS and I remember her saying "DD is 6 months today" and I remember thinking ??? My DS is not yet??? But she was going by weeks! It's 2 weeks difference between 24 weeks & 6 months!

I also used to go by weeks but I switched to Calender months after I noticed how much confusion it was creating.

I also find it easier going by months, as the 9th of every month, I know my baby boy is now a month older.

Naomi, WA ~ DS 5yrs ~ DS 14months

I often wonder the same thing.....

Like some of the others, I used to go by weeks, then as I started to get confused I went by the 13th of every month. I often get confused when reading baby books and wonder if Riley is the same age that they are talking about. I think it is a lot easier to go by the date rather than try to count weeks. So now I consider Riley to be 7 1/2mths.


Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

Thanks everyone for responding. Would be easy to go by day of birth but Caitlin was born at 7 minutes past middnight on a Friday morning! Bit hard to forget Fridays!

Well have to head to bed - long night ahead with teething problems.
Thanks again!

Katrina, NSW, 21 month old girl


I ended up speaking to a Child Health Nurse the other week cause my Mother inlaw was always saying you should be going by the date of the month they were born not weekly. I am going by the week so my little girl was born on 23rd Nov 2004 and so she is nearly 14weeks old. The nurse said they go by weeks up unto 6months old and then it is by the date of the month. They say it gets easier to do it that as they get older? Any way it is up to you how you keep track of your baby's age. My partner leaves it up to me so I do it my way.

I am confused too, I have started going by months as other people (with out babies) understand more clearly how hold my bub is. When I took Kody for his first immunisation at 2 months I was going by weeks so 8 weeks, the nurse said for immunisation I should be going by calendar months, I then had to wait another week or so for the calendar month to fall before taking him for his immunisation.
Hi Everyone, It's confusing isn't it?! As my DS got older I just started going by Calendar months - when people asked his age anyway. As he reaches two I'll probably just say one and a half or two and a half years - or whatever. I find it really annoying when I ask a person how old their child is and they say 'oh, 47 months' Pleeeaase, just say '--years old' It's so much easier smile . Also, when people ask how far pregnant I am, I just say 4 months. When you say 16 weeks they tend to just look at you blankly!! Unless, of course it's the doctor or someone who has had a baby before!!
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