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crying baby Lock Rss

Hi my name is Amanda, I live on the northside of Brisbane. I have a 31 week prem. He is how
6 months old. Every time my baby has his sleep during the day he always wakes up cying. Could he be still hungry. But when I am out and he is in his pram my baby falls asleep and wakes up really happy.

Could some one PLEASE HELP ME Is there any were I can go or anyone I can ring or email to get some HELP
I do not know what to do.

hi well my daughter can either wake up happy talking and squealing and then other times she wakes up crying and screaming i just put it all down to what mood she is in does he sleep for long?my daughter always wakes up happy in her pram to she just loves being in her pram i wouldnt worry to much anyway goodluck bye
I just put it down to my baby letting me know that its time to come and get her. I have heard her wake up and just goo away to herself for about half an hour. I just leave her because she is happy (and in case she wants to go back to sleep) and then she cries to let me know its time to come pick her up.

She doesn't sleep in her pram so I don't know about that one!

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

sounds like a difficult problem. I don't know the situation for brisbane but some point of call includes the local community health centre for mothercraft groups or programme, or maybe ask for any ex prem babies mothers group to get in contact with for advice and support.
If this is a problem that is impacting significantly on your quality of life, a referral from your GP to a mothercraft unit in your local area to help with routine building or specific settling techniques. Some units would offer stay in admission for observation of the problem.
Hi Amanda,
I too have a 29 week prem girl who more often than not wakes up crying, but loves her pram. I have a suggestion but would not recommend it for an extended time. If Cory is having a bad day as a treat try putting him to sleep in his pram. My little girl loves it and she sleeps for longer and wakes up happy. As I said though dont do this every sleep or you will end up like us where the only time she will sleep in her cot is at night.
I dont think our problem is problem is prem related though.
Good Luck

Fiona, NSW

I know that it can be quiet dis-heartening for a mum with a bub that often wakes up crying. my little 8mth man more often wakes up crying than not, and always has. i always thought that he was still tired, as he is a terrible sleeper. However i tried leaving him to cry for a bit to see if he will resettle, and he dosen't. i just have to take him out of his cot and his room, and he is happy to play again till next sleep. i'm glad to know he isn't the only bub who wakes up crying.

Bronwyn, QLD, 8mth baby

Hi Amanda, My 10 month old still wakes up crying I thought it was normal. I just think sometimes if he falls asleep somewhere and then wakes up in his cot and Im not there (like if he fell asleep on the bottle) that he gets scared. Anyway your not alone and Im sure oneday you will wake up to here your little one babbling away

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Amanda -out of curiosity how long has you son been sleeping for when he wakes up crying? I saw a sleep doctor here in Adelaide and his advice is that a baby who wakes crying has usually not had enough sleep so leave them for a while and they will learn to put themselves back to sleep. His theory is that babies have a 45 minute sleep cycle and will often wake after this 45 min. If unable to put themselves back to sleep they cry. He suggests that babies should go through at least 2 sleep cycles per sleep time during the day ie 90min of sleep. He has a website which I think the address is . Have a look at it - you may find some useful information - hope this helps.

Cathy with Ryan 3yrs and Nicola 10mths

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