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Teeth Grinding Lock Rss

My daughter is almost 10 months old and has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom). Since the top teeth have come through she has started to grind them together. Apart from sticking the dummy in her mouth I can't get her to stop it. Does anyone have any suggestions??
My son is a similar age and now has seven teeth. He used to grind a lot as they were coming through. He has just started doing it again so I am thinking that that 8th tooth must be coming.
Will didn't seem to do any damage and he stopped after a few days, so hopefully your daughter will get sick of it soon - but isn't an awful sound!!!

NSW, DS 31 Jan 2003, DD 15 Aug 2006

I've looked after quite a few kids in my time, I think it's just something they all go through. Another stage to drive the parents up the wall.

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

thanks, I'll just have to continue to put up with the shiver down my spine each time she does it!!
HELLO!!! smile
my daughter, who is now eleven months old, has been grinding her teeth in fazes for about 2 months now... out of everything that i have done to try and get her to stop it, distracting her attention to something else is the usually the only thing that takes her mind off the but then sometimes she just goes straight back into it.... oh well... like you, i am resigned to the fact that to her this is something new and she will stop one day... (fingers crossed really tightly here!!!)

happy parenting to you all!!!

smile smile smile ;P

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

We haven't had any teeth grinding for a week now so hopefully it is over.
I can relate to that shiver up the spine feeling. My daughter (off the topic now) has just recently been scratching her fingernails on the wall. Gives me that same feeling.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

My little 11month year old is an horrendous teeth grinder. It makes you just sick when they do it. I've found that when I give a reaction, he laughs and does it more. I know its hard, but try to ignore it as much as possible. That way they'll realise that no ones interested in this particular habit. If it gets really, really bad it might pay to go to a dentist. I did read that somewhere. All the best!

HF, NT, 10mth baby

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