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Talking to babies like you do to Adults Lock Rss

How do you talk to your babies? some mums take pride in the fact they treat their kids like adults but they are only little for such a short time and they seem to love babytalk! I'm a complete fool with my daughter I'll make noises and sing stupid songs that I make up on the spot. I talk to her with a smile and a high piched voice but a friend who's a psycholosist laughed at me and said "why do you talk to her like that?"


It depends on the occasion but I do both. We have tons of fun being silly together and yes we all make up songs on the spot. She loves to hear songs about her and sometimes if I'm getting frustrated it makes me feel calmer to put it in a song. Like "Isabella won't eat her dinner" or something. Today it was "Isabella's weally weally tired". But sometimes we talk seriously too. Does your psychologist friend have kids?
I do both. Ill tel bayden in a normal voice and stuff what i am doing like ill say
"mummys just going to the toilet ill be back in a minute" and he will be fine with that. If I dont tell hinm he starts to call me hehe than if i dont come he gets scared and cries. But i also play lots of baby tlak games with him and stuff...he loves the noises and funny faces
Whatever suits u best i think.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Hi Tali

I've used silly voices/babytalk with both of my children - they love it. I also talk to them 'normally' through the day - explaining what I'm/we're doing. My sister is studying to be a teacher at the moment and she said they actually have a name for babytalk - I can't remember it - and it's actually important for their development as is regular conversation. I don't think babytalk hurts at all smile .

Take care
We talk to both of our children as we would to an adult. I have found that my 2yr old has a unbelivable vocab, most importantly telling me what is wrong when she is upset, and also explain to me when something is hurting without us having to guess. However when they begin to vocalise and goo. I copied the noise that they made so to teach them the concept of taking turns in a conversation.
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