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Hi, I unfortunately have to wean my almost 1 year old due to medical reasons. I need to do this rather quickly the doctor would like it done within a month at the most. Does anyone out there have any advice on how to do as truama free as possible for my little man and myself?
All advice greatly appreciated.
Happy Parenting!!

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

I weaned my baby at 10 weeks due to his medical condition. He wouldn't take the breast and I had been expressing already for 3 weeks. The "Baby Love" book explains weaning in detail you should check it out. You also may not need to give him bottles now he is nearly one, you may only need to give cows milk out of a cup but I'm not sure so check with your clinic nurse.
I started weaning my son this week and he is 6months old.I hope to continue to breastfeed him in morn and at night but during the day he has the bottle.He hasn't liked it too much but each day is getting better.At first I laid him next to me and gave him the bottle , now I can hold him.Since your son is 1 I definately would give him cup not a bottle. I think it would be harder to wean at 1, because my son is 6months he can't throw no tantrums.I would just lessen the feeds slowly to maybe morn and night then take out morn then stop at night.Perservence is the only answer I think.
Good luck!
Thanks Sasha and Luvmyboys,
My Little Man is now weaned. We tried weaning him on to a cup and no luck he just spat the milk everywhere. My husband ended up taking the week off work between Easter and ANZAC Day to help me. Of course he had no hassles at all. Bub took the bottle from him first go and by the end of the week had gone from 6 breastfeeds a day to 4 bottles and sleeping from 7.30pm until 7.30am. Anothere interesting outcome is my usually very cuddley son has become even more cuddley. I miss feeding him, but he hasn't looked back. Good luck in weaning your son Luvmyboys. Happy Parenting!

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Thats great! Glad it's worked out.
A happy baby is a happy mum!
My son isn't wanting to take the bottle so much anymore.He closes his mouth tight. He knows I've got milk.I'll have to try my husband too I think or even my eldest son or maybe I'll have to stop breastfeeding all together.Ratbag he is.But he's grizzly during day because he isn't feeding properly. Yesterday I got about 100ml into him all day.He had a breastfeed before bed at 6.30pm and slept till 7am so I'm glad for that.He's still eating his solids ok. He just wants me to sit with him all day.We'll get there!
My son is totally weaned off me now. When he got the hang of the bottle he preferred it. I decided to stop feeding him morn and night as he didn't feed very well and wanted the bottle. He gets excited at the microwave beep as he knows the bottle is coming.He is happy!
Ah the microwave beep my little boy loves that sound. He gets so dissappointed if it is not his bottle we pull out.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

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