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babies swimming lessons Lock Rss

HI all,

My little princess is 6 months old soon, and i will be starting her at swimming lessons soon after.

Just wondering what other peoples experiences have been introducing baby to the pool?

Also i cant help but be scared she will drink the water or hurt her eyes or something, how have other babies coped?

Ooops i accidently posted this question in the 'when was your baby born section' smile as well

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

my girl is nearly 8 months i first took her to the pool at 10 weeks old. loved it.
next time she will be able to go swimming is christmas time as its in the middle of winter so she should be old enough to go to the actual swimming classes water confidence i think its called. she turns one in november

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

My twins have been in the pool since 3mths (corrected 5mth actual) and have been great. Don't submerg them more than 3 times in any one lesson and don't go deep, just below the surface is fine. Their ears nose etc are not developed enough to deal with pressure. Appart from that consideration. Swimming is great and both my babies love it. I have no recollection of learning to swim (I believed I was born with the skill - of course I wasn't) so I want my children to have the same. putting them under the shower is a great prelude to swimming too.

twins 9.5weeks premmie

Hi everyone
My little girl started swimming lessons when she was 2 months old!! At six months or so they can start going under water when they are ready. My daughter didn't like going under at first, now it is the best thing out!!! She absolutely loves it. Living in a country like this water awareness is wise from a young age.
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