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Big Babies and Milestones Lock Rss

My daughter is quite a big baby(8.35kg 69cm @ 5months) and has been since birth (4.64kg, 54cm)

Just wondering if their size actually makes it a little harder for them to do stuff?

What age did your babies do things?

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

My daughter has always been above the top line of the growth charts, but is slowing down now she has become mobile.
I thought that her weight would stunt her mobility development, however I find that in some areas she has been ahead of other babies.
She could sit up by herself at 4 months and could roll over then also. She could pull herself upright when she was 6-7months and has just learnt to crawl last week which she just turned 8 months. I believe she started crawling a bit later because she has a buge tummy on her. Since then though, just a matter of days it has shrunk dramatically. That's what happens when you use your stomach muscles. Sort of makes me want to do some sit ups!! She has been able to walk aided from 7 months also, none of the babies in my mum's group can do that.
I find it hard to compare the babies as they are all different builds and have different strengths. Not to mention the fact that they all focus on different things at different times. When it comes down to it they so what they are ready for and all you can do is incourage it in a fun and happy way!!
i dont think its hard for them to do stuff at all.... my little boy is 6months and is 8.1kg and 66cm's.
he is so active, he stands up by him self hanging onto the coffee table, he sits by him self when put in the sitting position, he also rolls over by him self. he is very very active and i dont think its got anything to do with size - its the motivation. If you find she isnt moving around much encourage her by playing more and doing the activities that she is missing out on eg. Maybe roll her around, and she will get the hang of it.
stick in there, youll be fine! for weekly baby specials -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My DD was 5kg(11 pound) & 58cm born,she is now 11mths& is 81cm & 11.1kg,she has always done things so early,she rolled from back to front at 3mths,and front to back a month later,she sat up at 5 & a half mths,and her head control has been amazing since birth(might have something to do with being like a 3mth old when born)Walking has been a little slower,i thought maybe because she is so tall(i walked at 8mths)She is probably a week away from walking properly,taking about 12 steps now.But her weight has never slowed her down,she has been a gogetter from the word go!!! Nikki

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