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how much food? Lock Rss

Hello all
Im new here and i need some advice.
Ive started giving my nearly 5 month old vegies and fruit,she eats roughly around 8/12 tsps.
My silly question is does this meal replace a feeding? (im still breast feeding)
Do I give her more food?
Or when would the right time be for her next breast feed.
Any advice I would appreciate girls.

mary.NSW 11 month baby

when your first starting out on solids, the bottle, or breast feed still comes first, and then the food.

At around 6 months I swapped them around, the food first and then the bottle, I stopped the bottle when they left more then half. That might be a little hard to guage seeing that you are breast feeding.

I hope this gelps.
Dear Mary,
The goldern rule is to breast feed first then solids as breast milk still is more important.
I feed first then after 1/2 hour give solids and then if my son is up for about 2 hrs before bed breast feed again. I do not give him water or juice that is why I give him the extra breast feed.
At the end of the day you know your child better than anyone but the important thing is not to skip breast feeding cause it is so good for them and your supply may diminish if you don't.

Jungle baby

my girl is nine months shes been on solids since she was 3-4 months, she has three lots of solids a day now she only had 1 a day at first.
i give her the solids first then a bottle to wash it down she seems to be fine being fed that way
my little girl is 5 1/2 months old and she is eating 2-3 solid meals a day, i give her the solids first and then a bottle, she seems to like it better that way, she doesn't get as full on the solids and then the bottle fills her right up. my little girl was 3 months premature so i thought that i would have to wait until she was 4-6 months corrected age but the doc said not to worry about it, if she likes it give it to her.
Hi! My daughter is almost 6 mths old and is having 3 feeds a day, plus is now having 1 cup (spill proof of course!! of water as well as breastfeeding on demand. I mostly breastfeed her first but find now she has an appetite she doesn't take as much breastmilk before her solids as much as she does after the solids. so i think you should let your bub lead, she will show you how much she wants and if she needs a breastfeed before and/or after her solids BUT most of all don't worry, you will both work it out... GOOD LUCK!!!

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

thanks girls for all the advice

mary.NSW 11 month baby

This isn't such a silly question as I have exactly the same concern.

This is what I am doing, but I am also still unsure if I am doing it right.

First feed when wake up - breast
Around half hour (well usually around 1 hour after) I give breakfast (normal food)
Usually around 12 (ish) or when he starts to cry I then feed breast
Again around half hour after (or sometimes before the feed I give Vegies/fruit. This one is hard to judge and normally it ends up being just breast.
Around the 3pm (ish timeslot) I give just milk (if had solids at 12pm, if not I then give solid and milk.
At around 5/6pm breast
Half hour after Vegies/fruit
Last feed for the night - breast only.

This sometimes work but I am pretty flexible and I am still working through this. I work on the basic rule that as long as my 6 month old gets 4 breasts a day then its OK.

Its demand feeding and I am sure your baby will let you know if s/he is hungry - you can always top up. I don't think there is a right or wrong.

Andrea, mum x2

thanks for the advice girls

mary.NSW 11 month baby

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