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Link between Teething and Soiled Nappies? Lock Rss


For the past week, Matt's faeces have changed in consistency from cookie dough to mince (sorry for the examples). There has been no change in his diet. He is 6 months and on solids three times a day, 2 breastfeeds and 3 bottles. He has been on the formula for over a month now as well as the solids. I have heard that sometimes teething can cause a change in the nappies, but is this normal? Does anyone have any suggestions as to why there has been this change?? He has 3 dirty nappies a day, and this morning, he did one just before 4am which unfortunately meant that our day started VERY early as he wouldn't settle.


I've been told the same in regards to teething and soiled nappies. My little one isn't on solids yet, but cut her first tooth at 12 weeks (had 3 cut now). When her teeth are giving her grief, she certainly has runnier poo's and more of them. They usually coinside with a red rosey cheek(s), drooling and chomping down hard on any-thing from her fingers, to my fingers or a toy. Not sure if this helps as I have no experience with solids just yet. I wish you the best as it can get frustrating when they are unsettled.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Ange

Jack is one week younger than Matt and the same thing is happening to his poo's for the past few days. He has been having 2 lots of solids per day, 2 bottles of formula and 3 breastfeeds, and usually 2 poo's a day...similar to Matt. Anyway i am putting it down to teething too...he has been teething since 3.5 months so i am sure this tooth has to be coming through any day now!! He puts ANYTHING is his mouth, especially his hands, continuously, and we are going through lots of bonjela. I used to work in a day care centre for 6 years (!) and i recall the babies poo's changing consistancy and then not long after a tooth would come through...(sadly we would see it before the parents sometimes and i think we were more excited!..working there was a real eye-opener!) Anyway in a round-about way i'm trying to say i'm sure it's teething. I can't wait to see that first tooth pop through! It's sooo exciting (tiring but exciting!).

Hope Matt is sleeping better for you now that you've been to the sleep clinic. I'm counting downt the days till we go...Jack is going backwards sleep-wise !


Hello when my now 3 year old was teething he would get runny poos and nappy rash when he was teething. Not sure why this is all linked or why this happens. He would wake up in the night screaming and difficult to get back to sleep. This would happen for a week and at the same time the runny poos would start and the red bottom. Once the tooth was cut or went back down it would stop.
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