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Constipation Lock Rss

My 5.5 motnh old son is badly constipated....Poor bub! He is on solids (farex, apple, pear and a few veges) and I have tried giving him water and a little prune juice in the solids, but it is just not working. His poos are hard and he cries every time he is doing is terrible. He is breastfeed as well.......Does anybody have any suggestions.....

Thanks in advance
Brown sugar in water if you are game. Not recommended now but it does work. With DD I went to a health shop and bought something called ' digestodoron' You just put few drops in their bottles and it works fairly quickly.

I'm in exactly the same position with my 7 month old.

I took her to a chiropractor and she suggested I try taking some probiotics (I think that's what they're called). She gave me a powdered form and told me to take 1 teaspoon myself (I'm breastfeeding also) and give 1/2 a teaspoon to bubs before bed. IBS support tablets are the same sort of thing but the powdered form is better for some reason, sorry, I've forgotten why. My chiropractor checked and found her to be deficient in friendly gut bacteria..she didn't just pull the suggestion out of nowhere, so it might be a good idea to check with a health care professional before trying this..

Other suggestions I've had so far have been to go back to basics with the solids and just do pure fruit and veg, especially pears, prunes and pumpkin. So I've cut out all farex/pasta/rice/meat/teething rusks. I think it's helping.

Coloxyl drops and infants friend have also been suggested to me. The coloxyl drops didn't seem to help but for the past 48 hours I've been giving her infants friend and she's been going alot more often but it's still really tough and she cries each time. It's quite distressing isn't it?

Most people have suggested that given that prunes/pears/coloxyl drops and prune juice hasn't seemed to help, the best thing would be to have her checked out by a doctor.

Good luck!

INFANTS FRIEND!!! Go to the chemist and get some, it is great stuff. Another thing you could do is get some vasoline (sp) and place it just inside his botton (i know it sounds horrible but it will help the poop come out)!

Thank you for the wonderful advice!
Had the same prob with my one when she was 7 months, horrible situation for the lil tackers! I swear by Kiwi Crush, its a natural 100% kiwi fruit concentrate found in the freezer at your supermarket. you can eiter get one that has added prebiotics and digestive enzymes to help constipation or a normal one which is good when you have started to regulate things again. Its recommended by plunket for constipation and is not an extremely fast acting one so it doesnt shock their lil systems but works well and gentle enough for consistant use.

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