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Fontanel closing before it should? Lock Rss

I was at the doctors today as my son has a tummy bug (he is 5 months old) and while examining him he said that his Fontanel was closing before it should and that he needed to see a paediatrician and have an x-ray of his skull to monitor this. I read in my what to expect the first year book and it said that the fontanel starts to close from 6 months and is completely closed by 18 months. Doctor told me not to worry but I am a bit worried. Has anyone else had this problem?
My 8 month old has the same thing..although hers was almost closed at about 3-4 months. Our Plunket nurse referred us to the paediatrician to have her skull examined and he was basically pretty annoyed as he said it's quite common and as long as the head is growing at a normal rate there's no need to worry. He didn't xray my daughter, but did examine her and found her head was a 'funny' shape i.e not even but more like a parallelagram (sp?) we had always noticed it seemed to buldge out to the left and if you stick your fingers in her ears, it's not a straight line btwn them, one finger is further forward..he thought this had something to do with small fonts. hope this makes sense! Anyway he wasn't at all worried about her fonts and the 'funny' shape head corrects itself as the child grows. Maybe just keep a record of the head growth every time your baby has a check up. Hope this is helpful smile

Thank you so much for replying. I hate it when the doctors make you panic like this. So far his head is growing at the normal rate but I am off to the doctors again today and I will talk to her about it all. I looked at my sons head and it looks normal to me. I appreciate you telling me about your baby feel a lot better after reading your post. I guess every baby is different.
i totally agree with the other ladies. When my bub was born in Feb 08, her fontanelle was closed too. She was referred to a paediatrician & they did xrays & all was ok cause her skull was not fused together, just a very small gap. She is now 13 months & doing fine.

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I ended up taking my baby to my normal doctor and she said that his fontanels were fine.Although they were starting to close up this was normal for some babies and as long as his head was growing everything was fine.She told me not to worry and was a bit upset with the other doctor telling me their was a problem. Thanks again to everyone who replied as it's always nice to get more info on the subject.
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