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Stomache on one side Lock Rss

Hi Everyone!

This is probably completely normal, but I don't really know much about where organs are in the body and stuff like that, (failed science at school!) So thought I would just ask!

Ever since my DS, who is now almost 5 months, was born, whenever he has his bottle or solids or whatever, his stomache swells on one side (his left side)...

I'm sure its because his tummy is full of food, but I thought the stomach was in the correct me if I am wrong!!

My bubs tummy does not swell to one side it swells evenly from the middle so I'm not sure if its normal or not to swell from one side. Maybe ask your GP.

The stomach does tend to sit to one side (the left) so i wouldnt be worried.

My DD's stomach swells when shes had a feed and its always more on the left.

Look up an anotomy pic on google.

I would get it checked out by a docter. Your actual stomach sits in the upper centre of your abdomin just in the area where your ribs seperate if that makes sense. It could be a number of things if its only the left side.
Also have you tryed only giving him milk? as milk should still be his main food and some babies aren't ready to correctly digest solids until there 6 months old.
Not to be rude but i would get him checked really soon, you did start giving solids at 3.5months, there may be a problem or a blockage but we are all just mums,.... if he was mine i would be ringing the doctors today.... better to be safe than sorry

It's been doing it his whole life, not just since he started on solids!!

I will mention it to the doctor next time I go...

It doesn't bother him, I was just simply curious...So I don't think its anything serious.
I probably wouldnt worry about it. I dont know exactly where it sits either but I was told when DD was born that is she has wind that wont move to lay her on her left side and it will escape by itself and it works so I guess the left side has something to do with tummies!! Good Luck.
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