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Circumcision Lock Rss

my friends partner is circumcised and insists that their new born baby will get cut to match him. My friend is freaking out because she wants to protect her son but is scared that keeping him intact will affirm her partners insecurities about his own disfigured, mutilation scarred penis? Is it bad that her partner only wants their son circumcised to protect his own bruised ego? It’s probably TMI, but she’s showed me a picture of her partners ???? before and it looks all dried out, and calloused with unsightly adhesion scars, - she doesn’t want that to happen to her son! What should I do?
You personally can't do anything. Normally, I don't encourage anyone to get in someone else's business like that, it's not your place. However, you should encourage your friend to talk to her husband openly about her opinion, they are adults and should act as such. A marriage shouldn't consist of lying and compromises. I'm no saint, far from it actually, but in these types of matters I think a little honesty goes a long way.
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