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Wind Problem - PLEASE HELP ME!!! Lock Rss

Isaac is 11 weeks old and has a wind problem. We have been on top of it until last night when he was just screaming.
We tried everything and I mean everything
- burping him in various positions - upright, superman etc
- lying him on the floor and pushing his legs up to his stomach, massaging his tummy, pushing on his tummy
- infant's friend - two doses
- breastfeed to relax
- bath
- distraction with toys and dad poking funny faces to relax
- cold facewasher/wipes on butt
- massaging butt cheeks

Eventually we got some wind out of him and he slept nearly 7 hours the longest yet!
However does anyone know of another method we didn't try that has worked for you.

Hopefully tonight will be better.

Tiff, Vic. Isaac born 10/3/06 Number 2 due 3/2/10


i used to give haleigh 50mls cooled boiled water. it seemed to work for her.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

hi have you tried putting on his tummy & patt his back it does help with the wind problem...
HI Tiff,

My DD really suffered with wind at that age is braestfed too. I found that by cutting onions, garlic, brocolli cabbage and peas out of my diet it worked wonders. Unfortunately i have had to live with rather a bland diet, but now i am re-introducing those foods slowly and DD seems fine with that as she is 5months and their systems can handle it a bit better at that age.
hope that helps, good luck xx


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