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cradle cap or excema Lock Rss

My little boy (4 mths) has red raised spots around his eyes and in his eyebrows. These spots seem to get worse when whe use baby shampoo or dermaid moisturiser (which is supposed to be anti allergenic). He rubs his eyes almost constantly, and the vigorousness with which he rubs depends on whether the spots are bad or not. I took him to the doctor and he told me that it was just like cradle cap on the face and most babies are not bothered by it. My boy seems to be really distressed however, and he often wakes up scratching badly. Has anyone else found this a problem, and if so what did they do. We have stopped using soap or shampoo and just use QV wash, but his skin still seems dry and itchy. We have also used amolin cream at times which seems to help a bit. Do others think it is just cradle cap (he only had this a tiny bit on his head when very little, and it was easily treated) or should i be seeking a second opinion? I don't know what true excema is like, so i don't know if i am just being over sensitive or if there is a problem. He is bottle fed but has no problems with formula, so i don't think this is the culprit.

this could very easily be excema. but by the way it sounds like he is bothered by it and wont stop itching it i would think its something else. I dont want to scare you hon, but my gf had something like this start on her little one and it just gradually got worse and worse and spread into bigger sections. She continually took her son back to the doctor and the doctor kept saying the same thing until eventually it got to the point where it was all down the sides of his face from his ears down around his chin and neck in his eyebrows, and spots on his forehead.

Get your doctor to do blood testing for allergies. It sounds more like he might be allergic to something. It was such a shame that my gf's son was like this for so long, because he ended up in hospital for 2 weeks having body wraps with creams/lotions all over him so that the rash/redskin got better. He might be allergic to something simple, i think his was a dog, nuts, eggs, perfume's allergy.

I hope this is some help. I would seek a second opinion or even take him back to the same doctor demanding a blood test. Goodluck, hope all goes well and you get some answers.

Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I would defiately get a second opinion. It almost sounds like an allergy to me. My DS fathers side suffers badly from allergys and it can be caused by anything really, its really a matter of elimination. Do you breastfeed?? Perhaps try using a natural soap on yourself and no perfumes or strong deoderants that may irritate it further. But I would go see another Dr. or even a CHN to make sure. Its so hard when your not sure whats going on with the little guys isnt it smile .

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