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Hi Ladies, I notice in heaps of posts everyone talks about their CHN - where do you go to see one? I know back home (NZ) when my sister had kids they went to see a plunket nurse who held free clinics each week or fortnight. Is the CHN the same thing here? I rang my local hospital and they gave me a number but they don't hold clinics just classes at 3 months and six months. Or is there somewhere else I can have him weighed and checked and a have a chat to someone without having to book him into Dr?

hi there,
i think there are numbers listed in the white or yellw pages directory under child health nurses or helth nurses. they do run clinics where i go here in brisbane and you can also go there and weigh your baby yourself and fillout a form if you need to talk about any queeries with them and they will ring and make a time. hope this helps ya.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub


Not sure what state your in but on the Gold Coast there are heaps of Community Child Health Centres. They have Open Clinics every week, where you can go usually between 9am-11am and weigh your baby and ask the CHN any questions. Then they have the routine growth and developmental assessment at 2,6,12 and 18 months where they do full body checks and measurements.
I know one of the centres also runs a day stay sleep school.

I hope you find one close to you as they have helped me alot. smile .

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