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bronchiolitis Lock Rss

My 7 month old daughter has been diagnosed with bronchiolitis. She constantly wheezes & has had trouble breathing over the last 3 months, worsening these last few weeks.
Her doctor has started her on nebuliser treatment twice a day, and is keen to give her steriods.
I would like her to get better ASAP but not sure about the drastic use of steriods.

If anyone has any ideas on the treatment of bronchiolitis & whether it led to asthma further on ...please let me know, thanks.
Hi Trace, hope everything is well. My daughter Ashlee got bronchiolitis at 4 months and is now six months and has not had any reprecussions. She was admitted to Hospital and was given oxygen over 3 days and this stopped the wheezing, however she was still very lethargic and tired and still had a bit of breathing difficulties when she was discharged. But a friend gave me a nebuliser and I used eycalyptus oil mixed with the water which had amazing effects as I used it at night while Ash was sleeping for 7 days straight and she was back to normal, 100% in no time, (it actually made my house smell quite refreshing too!) so the nebuliser has its benefits. Steroids however I would get a second opinion, I gave ashlee one dose and she had a reaction and was very moody and disorientated....I followed the directions on dosage but was really reluctant as steroids cause alot of problems if taken for a long even short period of time, but thats just my opinion.

Just remeber that a mothers intuition or gut feeling is probably more effective than a PHD. If I had listened to the medical advice given to me Ashlee may have not pulled through, as she was diagnosed with asthma not Bronchiolitis, but my gut feeling told me different and I took her into the Hospital that night.....hmmm she was a very lucky little girl.

I hope your bubs gets well and back to 100% soon.

Kate,NSW,6mth baby

Hi again Trace....Sorry but there is a boo boo in my last posting! I meant to write Vaporiser not Nebuliser!

I just thought I might add too that Ashlee has not suffered from asthma due to the bronchiolitis so I guess it would depend on the actual extent of the virus.....however my doctor informed me that asthma is a hereditary condition and Ashlee may get it when she is older as all my family have it except me!

Hope this helps.


Kate,NSW,6mth baby

Hi kate .. thanks for your reply.
Yeah, i thought it was a bit strange of your idea of eucalptus oil in the nebuliser!! LOL .. ( a bit dangerous too!)

My babe is now 8 months old. She still wheezes quite a lot but mostly at nights now. We have decided to throw away the idea of using steroids as she is always happy & cheerful - I think the wheezing seems to bother us more then her.

I also have a family history of asthma so am crossing my fingers that this doesn't develop into that!

- Trace

Hi Trace,
My son who is now 5 years old was diagnosed with bronchiolitis at 8 months old. The nebulizer treatments made him throw up but they worked a treat for his coughing and wheezing. I know it was a long time ago but he now has what they call Bronchiol Asthma or Seasonal Asthma. During the colder months when he gets sick he usually develops a wheeze. I now dont bother taking him to the GP for this as the nebulizer works so well as long as I get ontop of it as soon as I see a snotty nose. He has now started school and needs ventolin just incase he gets wheezy when he runs around but it makes him nuts. He runs from one end of the house to the other and gets frustrated and angry. He tells me his chest is banging (I think he means his heart). I have asthma in my family, so does my husband. We have a 12 week old daughter and hope she steers clear of the bronchiolits bug. We are yet to try something new for my son, but to let you know your gut feeling always lets you know the right thing to do.

Claire,SA,12weekold girl

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