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PAYING for immunisation Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

The FREE Pneumococcal Vaccination Program begins on the 5th of January and I can't be more relieved.

We are not the richest people in the world so we haven't been able to afford this vaccination for both our children (5 and 11 months). Although we will still have to try to pay for our 5 year old son it will take a load off not having to pay for our daughter.

How does everyone feel about the fact some people HAD to put their children at risk because they didn't have the money to get their babies vaccinated???

Thank you for reading smile

Catherine,VIC,mother of 2

is it for just under 5's? my eldest son will be 5 in may

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi - The program will be for all newborn babies as of 5th Jan 05 at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, including a catch-up component for all children born between 1 January 2003 and 31 December 2004. If your child's not in this catagory I think it costs around $100. I just wanted to mention to FULLY check out all the side effects as it has a few nasty ones associated with it (well it did a year or so ago when Jaida's was due) and this is why I decided for her not to have it. That, along with the fact she doesnt have much contact with any other children or go to day care .. which is where most cases stem from. So just weigh up the pro's and con's .. if they dont have contact with many other kids, I probably wouldnt do it due to the side effects.


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

I was so happy when they announced the vaccine would be free. I remember seeing a baby on one of those current affairs shows who had pneumococcal and I cried for him and his parents. I imagined myself in their place so my husband and I had a good talk about it and decided we would do it even though the three vaccines would cost us around $600 (which is a lot when you are living on one wage). Only a week after that they announced the vaccine would be free from January for my boy. We were so relieved but then had to decide whether we would wait the four or so months or still pay for the first one at least. Due to the fact Lochie doesn't have much contact with other kids (eg daycare) and because it is more likely in winter, we also decided to wait. I knew it would be very unlikely he would get it but I still felt guilty for making that decision. I am counting down the days and will be on the doctors doorstep as soon as I can!
PS just shows how inconsiderate the politicians are. Just because January was a good date for them to start. They should have started as soon as the decision was made to fund it. just because they can afford it!!!!

My babies are all grown up sad

Hi there,

I paid for my 11 month old son to have the vaccines as soon as it became available after the world-wide shortage... so he had the first on at 5, then 7 then 9 months. I paid $145 per vaccine, then I think I got about roughly (can't remember now) $50-60 back from medibank private. My husband and I both work in healthcare and after everything that we see and come in contact with ourselves were too scared not to!!

I also think it is disgusting to force everyone put their children at risk who can't afford the vaccine. I also agree that as soon as the shortage was over (which was 6 months ago) they should have made the vaccine available for free. Same with the chicken pox vaccine, should also be free.

Pneumococcal is more more common and more babies die of this every year than the more well-know meningococcal in babies. Politicians should be ashamed of themselves, I bet none of their babies arn't vaccinated.

If you do not know much about these diseases check out this website:

Lots of helpful info
I'm told that the chickenpox vacs will be on the free list early next year as well. So check with your GP to see when its on the list.
I'm lucky as I haven't had to pay for any of my vacs for the kids.

Is this the prevenar injection that you are talking about? My daughter started daycare as I am going back to work fulltime in Jan. She has only had one injection so far. It cost me $144, I then claimed through my health fund and got back $120 so it didn't cost that much after all. But I would have paid the full amount anyway for my daughter.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

We paid $150 each (x3) for our daughter.
We decided not to wait as we have one boy at school and another at kindergarten.
Some other bills got paid late but we're not unhappy with our choice.

Adelaide, sahm, 2 boys 1 girl

Paying for immunisations is not an issue for me, i happily went without a number of things, i put some bills to the back burner, had my internet disconnected, went without mobile phone credit etc what ever it took to ensure i had the money to get the immunisations.

Even if they started charging for immunisation i would find the money. smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

I am happy that this vacine will be free, however i would have paid anything to have her immunised as her health can't be bought when she gets sick..
From alot of other site I'm in, and most members from the UK dont seem to believe in Vaccs as they are more worried about side affects than getting the disease in the first place.
I feel the side affect far out lay than getting the disease it self and trying to get them to see is impossible as what harm they are doing to their children and other children.
Hi Di. I'm assuming you were referring to my earlier post ... if I though my daughter was at ANY risk of getting this terrible disease of corse I would have her vaccinated against it, but as I mentioned she doesnt have any contact with other children, and she's had a very bad reaction to a vaccination in the past and this is why I am extreemly cautious of the risks (which were quite severe at the time .. may have changed by now tho). But yes, once she starts kindigarten I will definately be assessing the situation again. I was just saying to make sure you're fully aware of the associated side affects, particularly if your child has had bad reactions in the past.


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

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