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All mums out there using Zantac for reflux Lock Rss

my son Harley (12 wks) has just been diagnosed with reflux and I've just started giving him Zantac just wondering whether it stops the chucking or just the pain?, also doc said to give it to him before a feed but didn't say how long before I have so far given him 2 doses right before his feeds what does everybody else do? and also doc said the only side effect he may get is to become a bit constipated did any of you find this with you bubs? let me know. thanx

My daughter had reflux from 2 weeks to 6 months of age and was on Zantac and it worked wonders! My doctor recommended giving two doses per day, one in the morning and one at night which ended up controlling the problem really well. If i ever forgot 1 dose it was really noticeable. From what i was told, the Zantac forms a film/layer in the stomach and oesophagus which builds up a protection against the reflux. Abby suffered no pain after 2 days of being on Zantac, but would still occasionally vomit. It certainly made for a much happier baby as the pain was gone! Your doctor may suggest giving doses differently depending on the severity of the reflux. Abby is now 14 months old and is a happy thriving baby with no signs of reflux. No matter how bad it may seem, things do get better and you'll be amazed at how fast the time goes!

Kind Regards

Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

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