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downsyndrome Lock Rss

I am a mother of 8. My last baby who is now 12 mths old was born with Downsyndrome.While she is doing great and has no major health problems she is extreamely attatched to me.We are expecting a new baby in about 5 weeks and I am concerned about Jordyn being upset in her routine.She cant yet hold a bottle properly on her own and I can see problems arising if both babies need feeding at the same time.My partner works arvo shift leaving home at 1:15 and not returning till midnight,and all my family live hours away.If anyone has tips on feeding 2 babies of different sizes at the same time please help.

mum of 9,Vic

Maybe one of your other older children could feed one of the babies. Hope this helps?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Thankz for your reply.I have 3 at school aged 16,14 and 11 and two at home aged 4 and 2 the older 2 have left home.While the older 2 will help out they are studying years 11 and 9.

mum of 9,Vic

Maybe you could try prop feeding the older baby! Start now, so she gets used to it. Lay her on the floor/blanket, with a pillow beside her. Lay the bottle on the pillow and sit beside her so she can see you are still there. If she moves and loses the bottle, you are still close enough to put it back in. She will get used to not moving around and losing the bottle. It may take her a little time to get the hang of it, but she will get there. I just hope you have enough time before your new bub makes his/her arrival. Good luck, hope this helps.

Mother of 3, Qld

wow...9 are amazing!

I have an autistic son and a niece with downs syndrome. whilst I haven't had to deal with your question, I was wondering if you've asked your early intervention about this. Maybe they would have some advice. What about the downsyndrome association or your health nurse?

Sorry I'm not much help but I feel for your situation.


buy a 2nd high chair it makes life much easier

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi Moz,

while i am not in your situation i have fed 2 babies every day for 12 mths now & also have no family around to help, i have to say that for the first 8-9 mths i could not have survived without the 2 rockers. i would sit on the floor in front of the rocker holding the bottle for 1 baby while breastfeeding the other or alternatively i would sit in between the 2 rockers holding a bottle for each of them & when neseccary i would prop the bottle on a pillow.

as a much more experienced mother than most i'm sure it won't take long at all before you set yourself a routine for this that you feel comfortable with.

i hope everything works out well for you & congratulations because you must be almost due now.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

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