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Nappy Changing Tips Lock Rss

Share your tips for making nappy change time fun for your baby.

if you can have something hanging over where you do the nappychange - like a mobile
small toys - only for nappy changes.
play games - blowing rasberries on tummy etc

Because my twins are almost 10mths, if they are dirty I clean the front up then they have had enough and want to move so I let them roll over and wipe the back. I find for me it works really well/

twingle mummy (singleton and twins)

I have always got DD to 'help me' when we're doing things. I give her a nappy or wipe when I am changing her, asking her to 'hold that for mummy as that would really help me out' - that kind of stuff. She particularly loves exploring a nappy, keeps her entertained enough that I can change relatively hassle free.

This is a great post as seen some older babies / toddlers give their mum grief in the public feeding areas at the shops.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I usually give my 8 month old son the baby powder to hold. Just make sure you have twisted the top closed, the other day I forgot to and let's just say there was powder everywhere!!! At least he smelled nice.
This isnt for changing a nappy, but still for cleaning up a dirty baby after doing number 2!
When having nakie time sometimes kayden will do a poo on the floor - it is such a mess to clean up i reckon worse than wearing a nappy because it sticks to EVERYTHING!!
to make it easier to clean them up, I suggest taking them and rinsing them under the laundry sink. Its the right height - just keep a towel next to the sink for a quick dry off! It really does work a treat, when you consider you gotta lay them on the change table with poo every where - its often not the easiest thing to avoid mess!

HAPPY NAKIE TIME! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

i have a 7month old bub and work in child care....i must change at least 40nappies a day at work !
sing songs, twinkle your fingers, hang mobiles above the change bench, and change the mobiles often so they don't get board, play music, dance around and make a fool of yourself, clap your hands, play the radio or sum funky music, make faces and your baby can copy you. place wall stickers on the wall for them to look at. my latest one is holding a teddy bear in my mouth. i have a "rubber dukie" which my bubba loves and play with while changing his nappy. they wriggle and worm around, makes it quite difficult doesn't it. i'd never give bottles of anything to hold tho...for eg powder as it this gets in a little babies throat....they can choke !

Danni, WA,

Hi, my 11 mths old started to turn abouts when changing nappies since she's 7 months old. It's such a pain in the ass when she does a poo!!(Try hard to prevent poo from rolling out!! LOL) So every time I try to change her, I find something with noises when u shake. Or I take her to the tap and wash her bum bum (she likes water, this way she doesnt move as much!) ^^ I found this more convenient than having to change her!
I normally give Jaye to hold the clean nappy and that keeps her busy while I clean her button and move the dirty nappy away so Jaye cant get it, after that I get the clean nappy of Jaye put under bum and put Johnson's baby power on her bum and do the nappy up and do Jaye cloths up again and while that was all happening Jaye was holding the wraps for me.

And I found that work great for us and we work as a team and also Jaye's happy when she is helping me doing things.

Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Get some can get heaps for about $2.00...stick them on your toddlers hand..they love it and spend all there time picking at the son got to the stage that when he needed a change he would ask ...stickers mummy.. give it ago it really works...


Singning while nappy changing is always good. If you have toddlers they can sing along with you so they are involved. I think using any routine event to communicate with your little one is great, talk to them about what you are doing, or what you are going to be doing next, etc...


MY baby has a terrible nappy rash, have used different creams but it doesnt go away please help.

MY baby has a terrible nappy rash, have used different creams but it doesnt go away please help.

Have you tried Sudocrem? It has worked really well for us since bub was newborn...apply a liberal layer each nappy change & it was gone in no time at all. Hope this is helpful. smile
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