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Hi Mums

I was talking to a mum in my mothers group the other day who said she gives her daughter Phenergan when she doesnt sleep well at night time( a antihistamine drug which causes drowsiness).This seems kind of wrong to me, its like shes drugging her daughter??
I agree totally. If I wanted my baby to sleep better I would be burning essential oils in room prior to sleeping or massage with essential oils like lavender and cammomile. Maybe her daughter is teething and needs panadol or maybe wants a dummy? I think there is something you can buy from chemist made by Braur called Sleep Relief. They make Teething relief and Colic Relief. All which I hear are very good products. I would maybe make a subtle suggestion offering an alternative solution to her daughter's sleep problem.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

I think what you are talking about is Vallergan, its used for skin irritations like hives, chicken pox, and eczema, in high doses it can be used for sedation, it was commonly used before research into sids.

The age group is 2 to 12 years. So if the child in question is under 2 then it’s really not advised and definitely shouldn't be using it to often.

Hope this helps

Hi Lara

Someone in our mother's group asked the nurse about using phenergan as her mother had told her to do it. The nurse advised against it and said it's definitely not recommended for children under 2 and even for children 2 and older shouldn't be given without medical advice. I know a lot of babies do get really unsettled but isn't it better to teach them to settle themselves rather than dose them up on drugs? I agree with you.

HI Everyone
Thanks for your replies. I might have to mention to this lady that u shouldnt use Phenergan in a child under 2. Im not sure if she knows this or not.
Im pretty sure the name was Phenergan(might have been Valergan though). It was a antihistamine anyway. Its very scary to think that it could cause sids and the only reason you have used it is for a better nights sleep
I have also heard about the risks of using it for babies under two. I had to get a note from my doctor to give to the chemist when I bought it for my son when he had chickenpox seven years ago. You have to have a good reason to get it from my chemist! I'm surprised her pharmacist gives it out so easily. The real concern I have is that the drug could be masking a real medical problem that is keeping her daughter awake - even if it's 'just' teething.

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My doctor gavei it to me for my daughter when she was 9mths for chicken pox to help with th itching, I wouldn't use it to get a child to sleep!

Karen,NZ, 5 yr old girl & 2 yr old boy

I have a 1 yo daugther and 3 1/2 yo son that i use phergan on for colds .

My doc has even suggetion to use it as a sleeping aid for my dauther for a week to train her to sleep thorugh the night.
It can be used for under 2yo's it just has not been tested, and they can not be held pesposible for it.

I know alot of ppls that use the stuff when their kids are, teething or can not sleep, it is very common preactice(more than we relise), but it can not be used over long peroids more than 7days.

I even know sleep clinics that use it as a sedation also, as it is a mild sedative to other drugs out their but some ppls can often abuse the drug also
Hi guys,

I use to work in a Pharmacy years ago and I knew of people who used to use Phenergan and Vallergan to put their kids to sleep. It is a no no for the reasons that people have put in posts above but it is also up to the pharamacist and the assistants to help parents out with the best choice and should be keeping an eye on how often they are dispensing it to people to make sure that they are not abusing it.

Congrats on letting the other Mum know about the dangers of using it for that purpose as I think alot of people do things on hearsay from other people not fully knowing how the drug works.

I don't like the idea of giving drugs to children including panadol. I think you should be very sure of the reasons why your using it and taking care that your not missing other symptoms.

However I did regularly use phenergan as a sedative with my eldest son (he was over 2) but it was definately under a doctors supervision. I wouldn't have done it any other way. I did have a very good reason. He had chronic eczema at the time and used to scratch his skin raw during the night. In the morning there would be blood all over his sheets from his scratching. We tried everything from putting mittens on his hands to bandaging up his legs so he couldn't scratch himself. He used to end up with staff infections (don't know how its spelt but hope you know what I mean) that then had to be treated and monitored.

All up it was a very difficult situation and sedating him to help clear up the infections seemed like a last resort. It's definately not something to boast about doing and I wouldn't recommend anyone doing it. As I said though we were under the guidance of the hospital and being monitored by my own doctor.

Luckily these days there are a lot of better treatments for eczema and my 22 month old son who now has eczema can have his condition managed easily and there are is no need for extreme treatments.

Just thought I'd share my experience.
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