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cot rail protectors Rss

Hi Guys,

I have a Boori Cot and an almost 9 month old, who is continually teething. I am wondering if anyone has an suggestions for what I can do to either stop DS from chewing the rails in his cot, or some kind of protector I can put on the rails. I have contacted Boori directly and also every baby shop in the ACT to ask for suggestions and no one has any. Boori don't make any kind of protectors. I know the Groyears cots do, and that is where I got the idea. I have also contacted Groyears, and they don't sell anything like that after market. Its just a shame to see him destroying his beautiful sleigh cot, which also cost a pretty penny.

Look forward to your suggestions,


Karen, ACT, Wes 09/07/05, Iliarna 09/07/09

Hi! Karen,

The only thing that I can think of is the baby bumpers that you can buy?? I have seen some that are almost 30-40cm wide - could these by tied over the top to stop the chewing??? Or is there something else that you can give him to distract him from doing this?? therefore protecting the cot???

I know how you feel! We have a brand new house - and our doors on the front have the glass panelling - my daughter loves to sit at the bottom panel and watch people come and go - hence the bite marks on the bottom of the door! But we kind of like it now!!!! lol

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

hi there
our cot has teething bars ( the top horizontal bar on the sides) have rubber on them so bub can chew them. but it doesn't stop him chewing the paint off the top ane end! ends up with paint all over his face ;o)
so im not sure how u could protect your cot, casue we cant figure it out grin
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