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I’m planning to return to work when my baby turns 10 months old, and a friend who lives with us is very happy to be the nanny of my baby. She is caring and loves my baby. (also baby loves her). However, she goes out at least three days a week to do her own things (out at about 8:00 and back at about 4:00pm), and told me that she would just take my baby with her, traveling on buses, trains to the city, and not to worry. She did this with her own grandchild three years ago.

I do worry because I’m concerned baby will not have good naps or might even be sleep deprived. My baby sleeps best at home, and need to be rocked to sleep. Currently she has her routine at home. When we took her out for more than four or five hours, she always ended with tears, as it is so difficult for her to sleep in her pram or car seat. Further, I don’t want baby to be exposed under the sunshine for long time!

I’m considering the alternative to send her to daycare centre, which is just 5 minutes walk from our home. The childcare centre will definitely not rock her to sleep, but they offer breakfast, lunch, play, etc. However, isn’t the one-to-one care better than daycare centre? And baby loves her. So how do I work out the pros and cons? Nanny or childcare? What’s best for baby? Could any one offer advise please? Many thanks!

P.S. How often do you take baby out for over five hours a day? I mean during the day. Is your baby happier being out or staying at home?
Hi First-time Mum

I don't envy you having to make that decision - it's a hard one. My little man started in child care when he was 8 months old in a centre where he had many carers over the day, he was there for a long day, and he hardly slept at all (sometimes only half an hour if lucky), so in comparison, if he had a one on one nanny to look after him who was taking him out all day it wouldn't have made any difference.

(However, he's now in a centre where he has one carer for the majority of the day and he sleeps better.)

I do love that he's getting a chance to be around other children when he's at the centre, and he has great toys and activities.

I'm assuming from what you've written that you're returning full time, so maybe your bub will get used to being out and about all the time. The other thing is, if the nanny is at home every 2nd day, bubs can catch up on some sleep then, and over the weekend.

I can take my bub out for five or so hours, but he has to have gone down for a sleep in the morning for us to get away with it, otherwise we can only get away with a couple of hours before he gets stroppy.

Sorry, I know that probably hasn't helped, but I suppose you'll just need to write a list of all the pros and cons and then follow your heart.

Let us know what you decide.

What if the days your friend is going to be home she takes bubs then the other day can be split into bubba-care,then bubs gets the best of both world.
my daughter goes with me every day up the street for lunch(prob 3 hours all up),she's fine with it.
best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Could you do a combination? Maybe the days your friend goes out for the whole day, pop your bubs in day care? I was trying to come up with a 'win win' situation for you, but not sure that will work. Inconsistency can confuse a bub, kind of disrupt their routines etc.

I had the option of a friend taking DD but I went with Kindy instead. There were lots of reasons we came to this decicion, I will list a few just as food for thought.

1. Education program at kindy (stimulating environment)
2. Qualified staff with lots of experience
3. Socialising with other babies
4. Learning from other babies
5. Safe and stimulating environment
6. A big one is safety, I know where DD is

Its not that I don't trust my friend, its just I liked what Kindy had to offer better.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi, Mel05, Mimmy and Kazi,

Thank you so much for your time to reply. I'm trying to discuss with my boss to work three days instead of five (the other two days work from home), then at least bub can have two days with me. If not, I will try to find another job which allows me to work only three days.

Kindy said it would be best for bub to stay for consecutive days, eg. Mon-Tue-Wed, rather than Mon-Wed-Fri. As Mel05 said, perhaps what bub gets from Kindy and nanny will be the same. I'm still very unsure.

Another thing is my baby got eczema all over her body. I don't know if by then her eczema will improve. Will kindy help putting moistruriser several times on her? Well if nanny takes her out, the hot weather and sunshine will be my concern.

It is hard! But for financial reason I have to return to work!
my bub loves gettn out and about, seeing and taking in the world around him. he is nearly 9 months
he goes to daycare too......sometimes he sleeps sometimes he doesn't...
if we are out he usually naps in the car or in the pram he can fall asleep at anytime as the walking around can help him fall asleep.
i think u needa do wot feels right.
i think childcare is great...and maybe even safer in terms of being out and about with cars, traffic, trains, busses etc...then again im probably over protective ! haha hope im not the only one !! haha
one to one of course is great....but then again daycare offers other social interactions with other babies and provides experiences that focus on their development....i am a qualified childcare worker.
gluk n let me no how it goes.

Danni, WA,

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