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For me, our nappy bag is a back pack. The LEGO one from Kmart. It carries everything we need just fine and was pretty inexpensive comp0ared to nappy bags. I started with a nappy bag and it drove me bonkers. The backpack means DP and I just carry it on our back or hook the two shoulder straps over the handles on the stroller.

If formula feeding, invest in good containers to take out with a pre measured amount of formula in it. Tommy Tippee Closer to Nature bottles have a little thing that goes inside the bottle so when you want to make it up, just screw off the lid, and tip the formula in. Will definately be getting those for next bub.

I'd think my biggest tip, and biggest regret as I didn't follow it myself is: If a family member or friend is doing something with your child that you do not agree with, whether it be harmful or not, say something. It doesn't have to be nasty but if you don't get on top of it right away, they will continue to do so, not knowing you disagree and then it's harder to break habits. E.g When DS used to fall down at home, he'll make a few noises then get up and run off and play (unless he is really hurt, then we pick him up and comfort him, but we know the difference) however, when he is at my parents place, he'll fall down and whinge and whinge til the cows come home, knowing that my mum will pick him up. Now I pretty much have to yell at my mum so that she doesn't. We giggle at him at home now when he does it, so now he giggles too. We didn't want a sulky kid.

Thats all I can think of for now. Will update later if I think of more.
Consistant discipline.

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Children are great learning machines, but they learn more through experience than they do from their parents talking. Teach them about family time by creating unique traditions.

1. Kids remember and appreciate time with people they love. Create traditions that involve those people nearest and dearest to your kids.
2. You don’t need to spend money to make memories. Gather the family for ice skating in the park, free holiday concerts, or trips to see Santa or view holiday lighting displays.
3. Carry forward at least one of your most cherished family traditions from your own childhood—and talk to your kids about it.
4. A few carefully considered traditions that everyone will enjoy is better than overloading your schedule and resources.
5. Create traditions that honor your family’s faith.
My tip is when the two of mine are fighting, ages 5 and 6 (boy and girl) I make them sit on the back steps and hold hands for 5 mins. Sounds crazy but it works.
Another tip for when your little ones are sick.. I finally found a really fast home doctor service who bulk bill in Melbourne southeast area. anyway here is their link:
The doctor came within the time estimated and he was excellent with my DD.
Newborns don't have a good immune system, so they are easily affected to infection. Always remember it that, every time before dealing with your newborns please Wash your hands

Thank you all for sharing your tips and tricks. I appreciate them all. Glad i came in this thread.
Chelby wrote:
If your daughter has fine hair wet your hands first and not their hair, and u will find its more managable

When you notice dry skin on your baby, or your body sends you such sign when it doesn’t get enough fat but don't worry we are here with the best tips for dry skin to glow.
Tie babies hair with hairpin and rubbers. Open hairs feels baby frustrated.
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