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Mummas of fat bubbas... Lock Rss

I've just noticed Elodie has a red patch under her double chin, what is good to clear it up? Any ideas?
[Edited on 05/01/2010]
after a bath or when it gets moist ( if she is a dribbbler) wipe it with a soft flannel then apply some barrier cream to keep it form getting red/sore

lots of wiping and I found a powder, either Curash or Johnsons corn flour powder worked
bepanthen ointment overnight then a dribble bib (like a smaller more absorbent bib) and dab dont wipe it.

Thanks girls! Just went and checked and I have curash powder and sudocreme so I'll give those a go and see what works. smile
Yep.. she's a dribbler!lol
I have a chubba bubba and I found if he got red under his chin/on his neck if it was really quite red and nasty clean it and then put a tiny bit of betadine on to prevent it getting infected and then the next morning put sudocreme on and continue using it until it's better.

If you don't need betadine just use the sudocreme it really is the best stuff!

[Edited on 05/01/2010]

I find it so interesting that different things work for different bubbas.
My Daughter was a dribbler and a tubber and sudocream was shocking on her. The best was Currash powder, we pretty much covered her in it 2/3 times a day for a month till her teeth came through and the dribble stopped smile

I use Johnsons powder with the corn starch in it in her little leggie rolls, under arms and under chin and she hasn't got any red spots yet smile Just helps absorb any moisture so no chaffing, and is really fine too which I think helps too. Best of luck hope it clears up and doesn't cause her any discomfort.
As with nappy rash, i used Daktozin when my bub used to get the under chin rash (my baby was VERY fat at one stage and a terrible dribbler). The chemist actually advised me of this as he had used it on his kids when they were babies. It worked for me! Thankfully bub doesn't get this kind of rash anymore, it looks quite painful!

I have found the Gaia Soothing lotion works a treat. Good luck.

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