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Wet nappies Lock Rss

Hi mums,

For the last couple of weeks my DD is having a wet nappies during the night - this makes her unsettled and she wakes up crying vigorously.
The problem is that she is turning on her side during the night (even if she has snuglers-bumpers to protect her) and then when she does wee it comes out on her side and she wakes up because she is all wet. It hapens couple of times during the night. sometimes during the day as well. And the worst thing is that nappies are not full at all.
I don't know what to do.
When she wakes up during the night then it is very difficult to settle her back.
I definetly know that her nappies (we use Huggies) are of the right size.
If anyone has the same problem and knows how to solve it, please help.

Diana is 22 months old

DD went through a stage where she leaked a lot at night. I tried the next size up nappi3z but they were just a little too big. I ended up getting some 'Nappy Mates' by Bebes (recommended from this site actually). They are like a sanitary pad so soak up lots of wee wee, greatly reducing the chance of leaking. I only used one packet (about a month) then DD was in the next size up napp1ez and didn't seem to leak any-more.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

This happens to my bub at night too - so we use his normal size nappy and then I bought some bigger (and cheaper brand) ones to put on top of that to soak up any bits that escape and this has been working for us so far. It looks a bit funny having so much nappy on but it hasnt bothered bub and keeps him much drier - might be worth a shot
Good luck

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

IT happen to me when DS was 4 months old I found that I was leaving the nappies too lose at the top. My sister-in-law showed me what I was doing wrong. It still happens when my mum changes him. She leave the nappy too lose at the top and it just leaks out everywhere.

DS 13months

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