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anybody not using daycare? Lock Rss

this is by NO MEANS a dig, i want opinions from all, not a dig not a dig not a dig!

im not being controversial, im not suggesting one way is better then the other

i am searching for GENUINE advice.

DS is almost one, i have friends with babies but DS is the oldest so im just not sure what im meant to do with daycare..

for those mums who dont work (im all for SAHM and working mums so no dig here either, i was working but have stopped now that we trying for number 2)anyways mums that dont have to put bubs into daycare as you are you keep them at home until preschool, or do you put them into daycare to learn to socialise?..

if you do use daycare, how many hours a week?

im just clueless as to what is done and wondering what other mums are doing

I am not a SAHM anymore but will answer based on people I knew/know.

From my experience, there a a good number of SAHM who would put their children in CC or preschool once they are 3. Some also do to younger babies on the basis of "socialisation" but really, I think they should be more honest with themselves and say they need time out. Which IMO is a VERY ligit reason, especially if you have more then one child under school age. It has been shown that children under 3 dont actually play together as such so it isnt relly socialisation as such. I must say though my 10 mth old is very inquisative when it comes to other babies.

As for how many hours. I think one or two days is the norm. In saying that, if you are not working or studying or in a high risk group (ie severe PND) you will only be elligable to 15 hrs per child per week government childcare rebate.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Iam a SAHM, Neena stayed home with me until 3y/o kinder and now she is starting 4y/o kinder this week, which is 3 days a week, but i took her to playgroup once a week with me and the free story time at the library once a week from when she was quite young. The rest of the time it was playing together at home or visiting the park or a friends house to be with other kids.
When she is at kinder i will be starting Zoe at playgroup once a week untill the baby is born.
I worked in childcare prior to having kids and i dont think it is the best environment for them to be in if ALL you need is socialization (*sp?) everyone is different but thats just me...
Have fun with your little one!!

Sarah smile

Sare, DD1 1.03, DD2 4.06, DS edd 6.07

I am quite happy with keeping my kids at home until just before they have to start prep. Because prep is full time here in QLD, there is no transitional class for stay-at-home kids to go to that would get them used to a school setting so I will be putting Emily in a senior kindy/preschool class 2 days a week after she turns 5 which is about 6 months before she can start prep. This will be so she can get used to that sort of setting and not having mummy around all the time.

Until then, I take Emily to playgroup once a week, any kid's events going (storytime, concerts, etc) and we have her cousin and a friend's child who she also plays with so is pretty well socialized I think.

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

So glad I've found this conversation as I'm having a terrible time at the moment deciding whether to keep my 1 year old in daycare. He has been going for about the last four weeks for two mornings and I just don't know if it's the right thing for him. The reason we decided to put him in was because we have just moved to a new city so have no antenatal group anymore and thought that it would be good for him to be sociable although we go to swimming lessons and gymbaroo. The other reason we put him in was because we are expecting number two in June and thought that it would be good for him to get used to not having all my attention 24/7. I'm not sure that this is working as now he tends to be quite clingy with me and wanting picked up all the time which he never used to do. Also, I stayed behind to watch him at Daycare and noticed that like everyone has said he just plays on his own anyway. There are also a couple of things I've noticed the staff doing like tipping half his bottle down the sink when I know he gets around to finishing it and I would give it to him at home. I also feel dreadful every time I drop him off there and feel like I'm abandoning him yet when I pick him up he looks like he's had a good time in the sandpit and eating sand and doing water play, all things we don't do at home. So part of me things that he's getting the sort of play that he doesn't get at home and part of me wants to keep him home with me. I also feel like any routine we had has completely gone out the window as he's a big sleeper but won't have a morning nap there and then comes home and sleeps all afternoon!! Help, any advice would be appreciated and especially from people who have worked in Daycare...

Nicola, Harrison Feb 06, Ruby June 07

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