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baby Sophie Lock Rss

Hi mums,
I know this is totally unrealed to this site but i just knew that you all would have your opinion on the little angel
Im sure youve all heard by now about sophie. I couldnt help but cry when I heard about her. My goodness, I just cant believe that she is going through this all again.
Being hit by a car 2 years ago at the innocent age of 3 is bad enough, and then again yesterday!!!
What part of she is just so innocent and pure doesnt the world understand!?!
How much bad luck could one baby.. and she still is just a baby at the age of 5..... how much could she go through?
Sophie is one strong girl and my heart just goes out to her and her family.
The good new is the doctors dont think she is in as serious state as they thought last night.. which is just amazing. She's definatly a little fighter at her age.
I dont think I could be that strong even now at 27yrs. Its just an horrific life she has already had.
I truely do hope she will pull through and that her life will have a positive turn around from here.
I guess as the saying goes... God only puts us through what we are strong enough to handle...


Beth n Jett

yeah, I was crying so much last night, especially when they showed Sophie's mum arriving at the hospital.

The roads are just so dangerous and some a##holes just don't stop when they should!

oh sorry mummies i just posted a thread about sophie as well
i guess we are all thinking of her

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi beth and jett I cant believe it when I heard it on the news about Sophie and that she got hit by another car and especailly for her age and she has gone though so much and so has her family. I know if that happen to us with Jaye I would just cry my eyes out and pray like anything to make my daughter healthy again and to live again and I hope they catch the person who hit Sophie and made them pay for what they have done to that poor little girl and her family.

Sophie is the most stronge little girl that I have heard of and she will make it again for her family and for herself.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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