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Anyone taking or taken Noriday Lock Rss

hi ladies, havent been on for a while, lifes been busy. Hope you are all well.

I have been given Noriday for contraceptive today, wanted the combined pill but im high risk for blood clot due to bmi of 33.2% Ouch need to lose 10kg and since having bubs apirl last year my blood pressure has been going up and down so they said no to that.

The nurse told me some people can have breakthrough bleeding so thought id check out the net and see how bad it really is. well 95% of what i can find is bad, most people have bleeding and can bleed nearly constantly and heaps and heaps have fallen pregnant while on it.

So im after good and bad advice but is it that people who have had no problems just aint posting on these sites or is it really that bad to take. I also just read its works best for the first 12 hours after taking it.

Im only 8mths post c-section so really dont want another bubs at the moment, dont think my body could handle it as i keep getting little scar infections and the second c-sect has been pretty tough on my body.

thanks for any info you can give me and all your help.
thanks ladies, its nice to hear that some people are ok with it, i could only find bad stuff and have really been wondering whether i should start it. I am going to take at night before bed as im home nearly everynight at that time and the kids are in bed so i wont be trying to get tea ready etc.
I've been taking Noriday since bub was about a week old and had no probs with it until about a week ago started spotting a bit for about 3 days and then nothing for 2 days and now a tiny bit of spotting the last couple days again. Think it might be my period coming back though. Bub is 7 months old on Monday and still breastfeeding.

I've been on and off the mini-pill for about nine years. laugh

I have to say that it has effected me differently almost every time I have been on it...but have never had an issue with spotting until this most recent time I started it again about 12 months ago. I've had about 3 months total of 'spotting'..otherwise AF is AWOL. That has its good and bad sides; good because I don't have to suffer debilitating PMS every month, but on the other hand I don't really like not having a period from a physiological/chemical side of things. Ooh and like someone else said it was a PITA to always wonder if you were pregnant....or get caught out unexpectedly because you weren't expecting it to show up. I finally realised though that it was just 'normal' for me and carried on taking it. grin

The time before this one I wasn't on it long initially because I turned into a total nutcase, left it a couple months and tried again, and it had settled down but..yeah was not pleasant. wacko You do need to take it at the same time (roughly) every day, and anymore than 3 hours over the normal time you should use another form of contraception until your period arrives.

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