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single mumma's Lock Rss

hey single mums

how u all doing. just wanted to say g'day and see how u are all going at the new challenges of a big a single mum ? as a matter of fact any mum !!?
my bubby is nearly 11months now and im loving each and every day i have with him ! was hard adjusting to it at first but now its all falling into place....guess working with babies for 6years also helped a LOT smile
take care.

Danni, WA,

im a 17yo mum to a 5mth old girl. i had a very hard time adjusting to being a mum. The midwife looked shocked when i asked her how to hold my babe, i'd never held one before! The maternity ward was full when i gave birth so no one stayed with me the first night. Every time the baby cried i cried too! luckily i live with my parents and my mum (Shes a mum of 5!) has taken over the fathers role. It has really helped having such a big supportive family.
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